Dave East Shittin Me (East Mix)

Dave East just released “Shittin’ Me” (East Mix) giving listeners much needed nostalgia. This song is such a vibe and the lyrics give me life.

Tell Me Your Name

“What car do you drive?

How much money do you make?

Dave East is known for his bars and I can really appreciate his rnb and hip hop collaboration.

Dave East always speaks the truth.

“When you get famous its hard to stop the rumors they focused on the shit you didn’t do not what you doing.”

Check out his latest music video, “Really Wit Me” below.

Lala Anthony and Lenny S Costume Couture Halloween Party 2019

Lala Anthony and Lenny S held their epic Costume Couture Halloween party this year at Vandal. The guest list was long, the party was vibrant and the costumes were extravagant.

Some of the guests included Meek Mill, Angela Simmons, Dave East, ASAP Ferg, Nya Lee, Lil Mama, Maino and more. DJ Sussone was the DJ of the night and D’USSÉ Cognac was the drink of the night.

Below are some photos of the lavish event.


Dave East – Survival Pacc

Dave East surprised his fans with two new songs and a music video. Dave East is a music artist from Harlem, New York with gift and talent to create music that resonates with people from all parts of the world.

The Survival Pacc consist of 2 songs, “Everyday” featuring Gunna and “Wanna Be A G” featuring Max B.  Dave East has been holding events in New York such as pop up’s with brand collaborations but no mentions of the new music until July 31st. He posted on instagram he would be releasing 2 songs off of his upcoming album, “Survival.”

I love both records and can’t wait for “Survival” to drop.

He released a music video this month, “Welcome To The Party (Remix)” featuring Kiing Shooter and an additional song “Even My Haters.”

Let me know which record was your favorite?


Dave East New Single Drop “No Pork”

Harlem rapper Dave East is back with another release since he put out his joint project Beloved with Lox member and rap veteran, Styles P. East drops “No Pork” which emphasizes his feels on the current state of his life and his immediate environment. This track embodies the classic and authentic feel of NY rap as East conquers the beat with his open freestyle. If you’re looking for a hook, this ain’t that! Check out “No Pork” below!

Dave East and Styles P – “Beloved”

Dave East and Styles P created “Beloved” a 13 track collaboration between Harlem and Yonkers bred artists. I have to say I ain’t mad at this team up of artists at all. I for one am pleased.

The first single, “Beloved” defines the meaning of the word “Beloved” and the duo splits the verses up with their own individual bars. Of course, you can expect honest and understandable lyrics from both Dave East and Styles P.

Dave East spits, “These pills got these youngins buggin’, you’ll die for a hunnid-somethin’
So act like you love your life and just relax, cousin.”

It’s sad to say or rap in this case but several music artists have recently lost their fight with their drug battle. Both Dave East and Styles P described the previous narcotic related budgets before they received a music budget.

The next song on the “Beloved” project is titled, “It’s Lit.” “It’s Lit” embodies what rap used to be before skinny jeans and dance craves.

Dave East raps on “Beloved,” “Better bring that money now, don’t give a f*ck who you call if they don’t answer, this hammer get you in touch with the Lord.”

The vibe on “For All My N*ggas” is everything! Styles P describes the song perfectly, “This some grimy sh*t, I’m never going to trial shoot it out with the law, you know I’m going in’ Style.”

“Don’t Cross Me” features Jazzy who harmonizes and beautifully ad-libs all through the single. Dave East slightly tones done his rugged lyrics to present a different side of his artistry. He talks about being with groups of women but also describes different places he would take his girls.

“Cut From a Different Cloth” is a lesson on what its like to come from New York. They talk about getting money, demeanor and little tricks to know who is who. The New York grit and hustle is smeared all through this record,

“They don’t check the artists it’s on me, right underneath my coat
Suspended license on my way to Yonkers, speedin’
Scared to sleep, every time I close my eyes, I see a demon.”

I absolutely love this project it’s literally like track nine, “Rare Breed.” Styles P flow is much needed right now, I’m so glad he went back into the booth.

“Talk about your best eye, vision with your third Livin’ on the edge but I pivot on the curve.”

This album is genuine to both artists, they didn’t utilize trap beats or beats that are most commonly heard on the radio now a days. Dave East and Styles P actually have laid back hardcore New York flows with beats to match.

“Load My Gun” featuring The Lox is the perfect song to end the project with. Really sets the tone for the conclusion of “Beloved.”

Well, I’m content after hearing this project, let me know what you think?


Dave East and Rick Ross – Fresh Prince of Belaire

“Fresh Prince of Belaire” is the title of Dave East’s and Rick Ross’s latest music video and it is amazingly New York. The “Fresh Prince of Belaire” music video was shot in the busy lifestyle of your typical New Yorker.

This video pays homage to the famous 90’s television show featuring Will Smith titled the “Fresh Prince of Belaire.” The video features everyone in the video wearing brilliantly highlighted colors and patterns such as hot pink, lime green and plaid/cheetah garments.

In fact, during most of the video you’ll also see Dave East in a bright yellow taxi cab symbolizing Will Smith’s arrival to Belaire for the first time.

I can really appreciate the fun editing used in the video. For example, a girl jumps in the pool and before she can make a splash the shot reverses, bringing her out of the pool, symbolizing Jazzy Jeff always getting kicked out of the house from the famous TV show. In the television show, The Fresh Prince of Belaire Will Smith’s best friend was Jazzy Jeff.

Dave East references the 90’s while the dancers are strategically dressed in 90’s apparel. The song has a good beat but right after Rick Ross’s verse the beat switches up and becomes even better with more bass.

I hope there will be a remix with the beat used in the end, utilized for the full duration of the remixed version of the song.

Rick Ross sits on the throne as he spits his bars in his swagged out old school jacket.

There are a lot of Belaire bottles featured in the video and some of the bottles actually have Dave East’s face on it. Besides the bottles there are beach balls, and a radio among the large stacked high boxes of Belaire bottles.

Watch the music video above and be sure to let me know what you think.



Juelz Santana and Dave East – “Time Ticking” feat. Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda

Harlem unites with this new hit music video “Time Ticking” featuring Juelz Santana and Dave East. Both artists heavily rep Harlem and this collaboration is special because Juelz Santana is a rapper from the old school and Dave East reps the new school.

You may remember Juelz Santana’s name from several hit singles including but not limited to “Hey Ma,” “S.A.N.T.A.N.A,” “There It Go” and “Oh Boy.” Both artists are heavily talented and paid. Time ticking is a song that talks about the money which they both clearly know how to make.

Dave East – “Type of Time” Music Video

Dave East dropped a new visual for one of his singles, “Type of Time” off of his debut album, Kairi Chanel. This song is about Dave East’s recent success off of his dream. He raps about his clothes, cars, women but he still recognizes where he came from. In fact, he shot this video in New York and some shots were taken in his borough, Harlem.

Check out his new music video and leave a comment!