Don Pablo “Who Woulda Thought” Project

Don Pablo is a music artist who spits the real truth from his life experiences. He recently released a project tiled, “Who Woulda Thought” featuring 7 tracks. The first record, “ChampzPaine” gives a celebration vibe but the record also details trials and tribulations. 

“This Sh*t real we was treating noodles like a big deal, no water no lights you don’t know how this sh*t feel.”

His music is catchy and his bars definitely stand out. Several lyrics will stand out to artists and people in general who grew up in tough circumstances. 

“All they see is the champagne they don’t see the champz paine.”

BDT Don Pablo Announces Debut Album “Who Woulda Thought”

Don Pablo features one artist on “Who Woulda Thought,” Anthony Kannon on his track “Strap Season.” On this record Don Pablo really shows off his flow on the beat. 

“Without a trace I push weight like I bench press cops on my body I switch plates.” 

He ends the project with “Welcome to the Function” which mentions some details of his lifestyle, crew and females that be around. 

Don Pablo has the pen to put several hits on paper and the tone of voice that will catch your attention. 

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When Jay Z sang ‘Young forever’ he spoke about his desire to live forever, and at the same time admitted that he doesn’t have the power to do so. A probable solution to living forever, will of course not be in terms of living as a person but leaving your name on the sands of time to transcend times, spaces and generations. One of those who achieved this feat in our current generation is Pop Smoke, born as Bashar Barakah Jackson, the rap prodigy who is also known as Bigg Papi Locsta.

Killed in his prime at just 20 years old, the rapper has continued to dominate the headlines with most of his songs continuing to gain massive air play. It is however quite sad that the death of Pop Smoke adds to the grueling statistics of young black rappers that have been cut short just as they were on the verge of making their big break to stardom. In light of this reality, it will be seemly to say that his Album ‘Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon’ is unarguably worthy of review for any rap lover.

Released posthumously which is of course not an easy feat, the album containing 19 songs has continued to fill the airwaves with the artiste’s rich Brooklyn, New York’s deep flows and bars. The songs on this album are lit, and can be best described as the perfect description of Pop Smoke and his voice, though on the other hand, some of the songs there have been criticized to be devoid of Pop Smoke’s personality.

Songs like ‘Welcome to the party’, ‘Dior’ (which is popular on Tiktok), ‘Stars’, ‘Aim for the Moon’, ‘West Coast Shit’ ‘Creature’ ‘Enjoy yourself’ (not the remix), ‘What you know bout love’ and ‘For the Night’ have been criticized to not actually replicate Bigg Papi Locsta’s voice and personality, but that’s where the criticism will end, owing to the fact that the richness of Pop’s bars were still evident in the lyrics of these songs.

Notwithstanding these criticism, it will be clearly out of place to majorly judge this album and the numerous efforts puts into it by Pop before his death and the team led by executive producer 50-Cent through the lens of the criticism directed towards it. ‘Shoot for the Stars Aim for the moon’ has received numerous compliments.

Several songs on ‘Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon’ are excellently laden with Pop Smokes’ rich Brooklyn bars, voice and personality without any argument to the contrary. In no particular order, ’44 BullDog’  depicts Pops sharpness on a vibrant beat. Most listeners agree that ’44 BullDog’ is Pop Smoke at his finest. ‘Something special’ shows his personality, his  finesse, and Pop’s own idea of love and romance. The hit single, ‘The Woo’ features 50 Cent and Roddy Ricch and music video is nothing less of a movie. In ‘Make it rain’, he featured Rowdy Rebel and their deliveries, bars, energy and lyrics were of optimum delivery to his listeners.

‘Got it on me’ is another song that shows Pop’s fondness for gassed up bars. The song reminds most listeners of 50 Cent’s ‘many, many, many men’ hence why it has been regarded as ‘Many Men’ remix. Notable mention in this categorization goes to other songs like ‘Tunnel vision’, ‘Mood Swings’ ‘Yea Yea’ etc.

Clearly the album ‘Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon’ is an indication that Pop Smoke may be gone, but before his departure, he chose to leave us with a voice, bars and lyrics that will resonate through time.


Mr. Swipey – “Enough”

Mr. Swipey releases a new music video titled, “Enough.” In this music video Mr. Swipey raps about coming into money and living the good life. 

It’s always great to see an artist reach their dreams and continue to climb the ladder of success.

Mr. Swipey is known for his creative dancing style and energy creating a viral movement that involves spinning and dropping low. 

Although, Mr. Swipey is accomplishing all of his goals he doesn’t forget where he came from shooting majority of the music video at a local gas station.

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KidRock Dollaz Exclusive Interview

KidRock Dollaz is a music artist hailing from Queens, New York. He is destined for fame with his hard hitting lyricism and soulful flow.

During the above interview, we talked about various styles of Hip Hop and influences that impact his soulful melodies.

KidRock Dollaz is an artist hat has always stayed true to himself and continues to make music that the real can resonate with.

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The Rel Carter Culture Tour Exclusive Interview

This past week I had the opportunity to interview Rel Carter and Devin White from the Rel Carter Culture tour. The Rel Carter Culture tour began in 2017 and the tour gives talent the opportunity to perform on a creative platform. 15 artists from the Rel Carter Culture Tour were chosen to create music on the No Handouts album created from the tour.

Rel Carter is the Director of A&R at Roc Nation and nephew of Rap Mogul Jay-Z. Although, related to Jay-Z,  Rel Carter worked hard for his position at the company. During the interview, I learned what Rel Carter and Devin White look for in an artist when they are selecting talent for the tour.

There was a lot of laughter and good energy in the room as we talked about the experiences and benefits of being a part of the Rel Carter Culture Tour. We also dived into the D’USSE Friday Podcast.

The interview above was shot by Korey, follow him on instagram @kpren1.

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Introducing: Brandon Bill$

Brandon Bill$ is a recording music artist with several Youtube videos amassing hundreds of thousands of views. In the above interview he talks about his start in music, performing in front of thousands of fans and working with his sister Danileigh. He’s a super talented artist and 2020 is going to be huge for him. Stay tuned!

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Who is Sammy Wilk? – Live Performance in NYC


Sammy Wilk is a very talented music artist originally from Nebraska and now lives in Los Angeles. His start began on Vine in 2013 when he began developing his fan base. Throughout his career he’s released several music videos including “Aye Ma,” “Higher,” and “Lift Off.”

Sammy Wilk has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Billboard, Fuse and more!

Below is Sammy Wilk’s most recent music video, “Lift Off.”

So Yonkers Interview!



I had the chance to sit down this year and talk to the artists on the So Yonkers single. The music video received over 200,000 views on Youtube and is continuing to grow.

CASH B, LadySlim, ReallyJaewon & Keem are the artists featured in the viral video.

Cash B came up with the idea before the So Brooklyn Challenge began but once Casanova released the challenge he quickly gathered his winning team to dominate the challenge.

During this interview I had the chance to learn how each other began rapping, their upcoming goals and what growing up in Yonkers was like.

The music video was also recognized in Westchester Magazine.

Below is the actual music video to So Yonkers. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!