Gashi releases new song “Safety 2020” featuring DJ Snake, Afro B & Chris Brown

Gashi releases his new song titled, “Safety 2020” with heavy hitters DJ Snake, Afro B and Chris Brown.

The pop inspired record has a twist of reggae and feel good energy all throughout the track.

Chris Brown is on the vocals creating a dance the night away vibe.

“I need you to come over and save me right now” – are the smooth lyrics.

I love the safety concept because it’s a fun record that still expresses love and affection.

“I’m into you, we in the mood baby, let’s vibe” are some of the perfect lyrics from Afro B.

Every beat Afro B touches is a vibe.

This is a record for every genre.

Let me know what you think.


Trey Songz & Chris Brown – “Chi Chi”

Wow so the lyrics to this song “Chi Chi” is all about how easy it is for Trey Songz and Chris Brown to get freaky with any girl they want. Although, its a sexy song the beat is still fun and playful.

The video is bright and packed with ladies. The two artists run the R&B game and it was nice to see them hop on yet another single together. Perfect collaboration!

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Chris Brown First Release of 2019 “Undecided”


Chris Brown is a R&B/Pop King and he reminds us how with his new music video, “Undecided.” 2019 is the year of the level up. The music video begins with suspense as Chris Brown is seen in the dark breaking the chain off of a gate. He breaks into an amusement park at night when the entire park is shut down. Now I’m thinking what in the world is going on?

He is led to an electric blue balloon and when he touches the balloon a woman face appears and its almost like a vision or flashback we see of her face and the action behind her when the park was open.

So when the song starts we see Chris Brown doing a whole dance routine while sitting on a bench.. how? Amazing, only Chris Brown. This song is cute is all about Chris being undecided about making a special woman wifey. The beat is cute and the whole video is original from start to finish.

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Chris Brown – “Dat Night” ft. Trey Songz and Young Thug

Chris Brown collabs with hitmakers Trey Songz and Young Thug to make a hit record about all their women that are down for anything in every city they go. Who better than Chris and trey to sing the hook?

Chris Brown’s voice is dope but raspy more than usual. On this track they stunt on the haters as Chris raps, “Frustrated, now I know why they all hate me I f**k these b***hes and they know that I make pretty babies.” 

Chris Brown is raw on the track holding nothing back when he addresses his women. Trey’s verse is more about serious topics about gangs and death in Chicago.

Chris and Trey take over the hook killing the song and Young Thug bodies the end of the record. Towards the end Chris Brown and Young Thug kill the hook together. 

Check out their new hit single above!

Fabolous – “She Wildin” House Party Music Video

Fabolous’s “The Young OG Project” dropped on Christmas Day, 2014 and the video for one of the hit singles, “She Wildin” was released on Christmas Day, 2015. You’re probably wondering why write about it now? Well, any fan of the House Party movies will realize re-enacting the “House Party” movie would be a great challenge, but Gerard Victor, the Director pulled it off.

Both Fabolous and Chris Brown re-enact the main characters, “Kid n’ Play” from the original “House Party” movie. The video is fun and resembles the house, both inside and out from the movie. Fabolous typically doesn’t dance in his videos but he busted a few of the classic “Kid n’ Play” dance moves with Chris Brown.

The most distinctive point in this video is the Director’s ability to modernize the past. The blend of new school “dab” moves and old school dance moves is priceless. The video vixens also played the roles of the original females in the movie.


The video is just clever and if you haven’t watched the original “House Party” movie …. what are you waiting for?

Enjoy and leave a comment!

DJ Khaled – “Gold Slugs” ft. Chris Brown, August Alsina, and Fetty Wap

DJ Khaled is playing no games! He not only dropped “You Mine” but also released the “Gold Slugs” music video ft. Chris Brown, August Alsina, and Fetty Wap this week. In the video, you will catch the stars in front of the restaurant “Finga Licking” singing and rapping about their intimate relations with the girls who` love their gold slugs. Most of the video is shot in a parking lot or on the highway showcasing Dj Khaled’s and Chris Brown’s bike skills. The video is super chill and August Alsina definitely makes his intentions clear, “But nobody handcuffing baby no doubt cause we both knew what it was.” I absolutely love Fetty Wap’s verse, which he killed as usual.

I love this video, check it out above!