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Cardi B Twerks at Beyond 2018, Julia Michaels Rocks Out and DaniLeigh Performs


This past Tuesday, Pandora Beyond 2018 held a free concert at Terminal 5 in New York City featuring Cardi B, Julia Michaels and DaniLeigh. Terminal 5 is a multi floor venue. The venue was full with fans ready to party and have a great time.

Some of the sponsors included Spectrum, Mattress Firm and Ulta Beauty just to name a few. There were several fun stations set up including an area with a purple couch for attendees to take photos! There was also a ulta beauty station and a very cool station for people to get free hats in colorful, bright designs.

Cardi B and her dancers twerked as she performed hit after hit. DaniLeigh danced and kept the crowd energized switching from pop and latina songs in her catalog. Julia Michaels had a live brand featuring a guitarist and drummer on stage as she rocked out through her songs.

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Cardi B VS. MUA Blacswan

Well, Cardi B responded to MUA Blacswan critical Youtube video from January and let’s just say Cardi B’s response was not so pleasant.

MUA Blacswan posted a YouTube video in January talking about her unpleasant experience with Cardi B. The makeup artist basically reports Cardi B to have a bad attitude and ultimately says Cardi B told her to get out of her hotel room and since Cardi B did not like her makeup she refused to pay MUA Blacswan.

Cardi B recently responded and said the makeup artist was late, high and overall unprofessional. From what I’ve seen on the internet, MUA Blacswan has text messages that prove she was in fact on time.

None the less in the Youtube video posted in January the makeup artist was crying about her experience.

Obviously I don’t know the truth but it seems like the makeup artist was really genuine in her video but I definitely disagree with her making a YouTube video telling her experience. Let’s be honest, the best way to handle that situation would have been directly with the person who hired her. Some people don’t care to have a celebrity clientele and telling the negative side of an artist to the public is a definite way to hinder that process.

Overall, what the MUA described as a bad attitude from Cardi B actually just reminds me of a New York girl from around the way. As rude as it might be, that’s just what it is. In New York everything is fast pace, sometimes manners are forgotten and results are the only thing that matters.

It’s so unfortunate but true.

From what I see the MUA does fabulous work it just seems Cardi and her are not a good match. Hoping the best for MUA Blacswan career, very talented.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Beef??!?

Well, according to TMZ, Cardi B saw Nicki Minaj at a New York Fashion Week Event and went up to her table and said, “Let me tell you something!” Then she reportedly threw her gorgeous red high heel at Nicki Minaj but missed.

Here are my thoughts… Both Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are both incredibly rich, with all that money and all their influence I know they can be doing something more than fighting or beefing. Sources say Nicki Minaj was calm while Cardi B was escorted out of the building. However, I think they need to unite and work it out.

Right now in our culture Hip Hop beef is great for music purposes but I disagree with any physical actions because people can really get hurt that way. After all if Nicki Minaj or Cardi B gets hurt and can’t perform thats money off the table, food out of their mouths, and their team can’t work to make money.


Hey maybe I’m an over thinker but this is just my thoughts on the situation.


Unless there’s something that happened behind closed doors which is very possible. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

DJ Self Holds Annual Gwinin Gives Event in Brooklyn


Gwinin Gives is an annual event held by DJ Self to give back to kids before they begin the school year. The event was held in Brooklyn and parents and children were able to visit various vendors in the park such as T-Mobile and Power 105.1. There was food, music, drinks, face painting, balloons and of course everything was free!

Mariah Lynn, Jaquae, Donshea Hopkins, Dream Doll and more performed at the Gwinin Gives event. Cardi B was even on the phone encouraging kids to stay in school! Artists came from all over the country to attend.


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Cardi B Delivers Her Baby

Woo Woo! Congratulations Cardi B on delivering a beautiful baby girl whose name is Kulture Kiari Cephus. Offset must be such a proud father right now. Kulture’s mother, Cardi B is a superstar and it’s beautiful to see a New York artist reach the type of success that Cardi B has seen. With such an immense amount of music artists trying to survive in an ever-growing changing industry sometimes success can seem impossible.
We watched Cardi B on Ig, saw her move on to the TV Screen, watched in aww at her live performances and now she is a mother. Talk about living out your best life in your 20’s.

Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B]

Bruno Mars and Cardi B started off 2018 right with a hit called “Finesse!” They dropped the video with a  90’s positive fun vibe and it only gets better. They are both rocking multiple bright colors and making the 90’s babies smile ear to ear. Although a feature, Cardi B starts off this track.

Cardi is giving me “I need a Girl” LL Cool J style vibes with the bamboo earrings and hat to the back style. She brags of success,

“Went from dollars bills now we popping rubber bands.”

Then Bruno Mars comes on the track finessing the single with his melodies and great vibes. The first line kills it as he sings don’t we look good together and guess what they do.

Bruno Mars is singing and dancing with two back up dancers on a stage. This scene is an exact replica of the intro to “In Living Color.”

As the video progress, we see a few female dancers accompanied by a female Dj. Cardi B comes back in the video rapping about her appreciation of her life and Bruno’s success.

Cardi B raps, “Yeah we got it going on, got it going on, don’t it feel so good to be us.”

In this video, we see Cardi B dancing and keeping the swag even though she was on a track with a non rap artist such as Bruno Mars.

Bottom line this video is perfect.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of Cardi B she also has a song out called “Bodak Yellow” and she’s featured on a single by Ozuna called, “Modelo.”


Bruno Mars on the other hand is known for singles such as “That’s What I Like” and “24K Magic.”

Even Jennifer Lopez had something to say about this new collaboration called “Finesse.”

She posted on Instagram a clip of her dancing years ago as a fly girl from the crew that would dance during special intermissions. She added “once a fly girl always a fly girl.”

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Cardi B – “Gangsta Bxtch Music Vol 2”

Cardi B goes hard with her new mixtape, “Gangsta B*tch Music Vol 2.” She’s not holding back and all her lyrics are blunt and real. She raps about her label offers that she refuses because the money isn’t right and those talking about her. She raps, “Don’t waste my time, I’m not your average bxtch” on Bronx Season. This was a great first song.

Her mixtape is all about confidence, no filter lyrics and boss movements. Her mixtape has 12 tracks and represents that New York sound right. She even has a song called, “Back It Up” which is a reggae type single featuring Konshens and Hood Celebrityy.

If you’re looking for motivation try listening to “Never Give Up.” One of my favorite tracks is “Pop Off” but check out the full mixtape above and let me know what you think.

Cardi B – “Cheap Ass Weave”

Cardi B, new Love and Hip Hop New York sensation released a new single this week titled, “Cheap Ass Weave.” Compelling topic for this day in age as it seems those with less hair wear just as much weave as women with a head full of hair. “Don’t even take no more selfies, that weave don’t even deserves any pictures” is only one lyric from the truthful Cardi B. The only reason this song would have dislikes on YouTube is if the lyrics apply to the women listening because she really goes in. She explains cheap shoes and dresses are ok but cheap weaves is simply a no no. It’s true the song is about weaves so that could be the reason but she really resembled Nicki Minaj in the video with the variation of blonde, gray and brown weaves.

Check out Cardi B’s new joint above and leave your thoughts!