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So Yonkers Interview!



I had the chance to sit down this year and talk to the artists on the So Yonkers single. The music video received over 200,000 views on Youtube and is continuing to grow.

CASH B, LadySlim, ReallyJaewon & Keem are the artists featured in the viral video.

Cash B came up with the idea before the So Brooklyn Challenge began but once Casanova released the challenge he quickly gathered his winning team to dominate the challenge.

During this interview I had the chance to learn how each other began rapping, their upcoming goals and what growing up in Yonkers was like.

The music video was also recognized in Westchester Magazine.

Below is the actual music video to So Yonkers. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


Rotimi Macy’s Collaboration

On November 8th, Rotimi better known as Dre from the Starz, hit television Show, “Power” modeled several different looks and offered fashion tips for every occasion at the Macy’s Men’s Dressing Workshop. This was only one of the events held at the Fulton Street Macy’s in downtown Brooklyn to celebrate their new renovations.

The guests in attendance were able to participate in a Meet and Greet with Rotimi and even had the opportunity to take a photo with the star. There was also a scheduled Q&A to be led by the President of 100 Black Men of America.

Below are photos from the event! Make sure you visit the Fulton Street Macy’s in Downtown Brooklyn to see the new renovations.

Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 




Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 

Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 

Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 

Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 

Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 

Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 

Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 

Shot by Kashiem Brown (IG @Bigmaninthecity) 

Trey Songz Stops In Brooklyn During #SXINTHECITY!

Trey Songz made a stop in Brooklyn at the Canarsie Plaza Liquor Warehouse to sign SX bottles for countless fans last weekend. SX Liquors comes in 6 flavors, Cha Cha Cha, Cafedouble, Samba, Negro, Mojito and Blanco. There are two rums, two vodkas and two tequilas within the 6 flavors offered through SX Liquors.   Below is a video of Trey Songz performing at Amadeus night club last weekend for #SXinthecity. Check it out and comment!

Mixtape Review: June Stuy – “A Different World”

June Stuy from MoneyMobb released his fourth mixtape earlier this year called, “A Different World” on Datpiff.com. The 17-track compilation explores Bedstuy June Stuy perspective on life especially with singles like, “A Different World” and “Brooklyn Boy Bastard.” Two things you’ll learn for sure in this mixtape is his love for Bedstuy and stacking paper.

From the start June Stuy wheels you in with his heavy beats and bars, “They ray Charles to that cash talking bout they seen it all, we a different cloth nah hold up this a different world” and later on the track he spits “Ain’t shit funny with no money I’m the class clown.”

He merks several beats from mainstream artists on the project such as “Coco Mix,” “Poppin Mix” and “Migos Mix.” On Coco Mix he raps, “I’ma take that like Puff, scam nigga you aint making that much, spending all that money on blunts, looking for some help every first of the month.” He has a variation of topics for haters, fronters, thots and hustlers.

 June Stuy songs allow listeners to get a feel for the life he lives. “The Morning” and “Nasty” will explicitly tell how he gets down with the ladies while some of his songs are completely motivational. “The Come Up” lyrics details how important it is to work hard and persevere and understand the struggle in the grind, “Everybody in the field but don’t catch plays.” At the end of the mixtape one thing is for sure, his motto is to stay away from negativity and get the paper.

Check out the “A Different World” mixtape to enter into the world of June Stuy.

Mackalevin Releases His New Record, “Show Me Around”

Brooklyn bred, Mackalevin took a break with the East Coast and dropped a West Coast based record called “Show Me Around,” featuring K. Remedy and Don Jr. I feel like I was living through Mackalevin’s vivid details while he was rapping about his California experience.


Despite his change in location Mackalevin’s lyricism is always positive, “I never hated, I’m just motivated.” This record is exciting and adventurous and the beat screams a good time. Although, Macaklevin speaks of hard work and lack of sleep the context of the song is all about the west coast turn up.

All three rappers on the track showed off their bars with their incredible flows. Do not sleep on this record!

Visit https://www.cdbaby.com/m/myaccount/downloads now to hear this dope track.