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SOTG Kills The Stage at the Move The Crowd Tour

Straight Out The Gutta better known as SOTG is a popular group of artists from Yonkers, NY. SOTG members, Julzz Grandeur, Haze Milli and August Rush each performed at Santos Party House this past Saturday for the Move The Crowd Music Concert Tour. The flyer stated a special performance by Cashflow Harlem and other performances by Trav B Ryan, Prom Knight, Indigo and more.  Above is footage from their killer performance. Check it out above and leave a comment!


New Song: August Rush ft. Haze Milli – Wu-Tang

Everything about the above “Wu-Tang” rendition symbolizes strength and power, especially in relation to hustling. For starters, the introduction of the track is one of the most notable lines recited by Mekhi Phifer in the 2002 film, Paid In Full. The line, “I’m about to be on some real Murder shit A,” sets the tone early for the heat of these two rising performers.

August bodies this track through vivid details on stressful money making habits and friends, who sing like a canary when the pressure begins. “Ratting on their bros run and go tell ass niggas.” August uses clever flow changes while modernizing the problems portrayed in the 2002 film through his lyrics. “Take the ball from the boy, put some crack in his hands, tell him he can still score, than you might understand, why these boys think like children, bitches think like man.”

Haze Milli off the rip showcased his punch lines, “I’m on point I’m Kyrie Irving in the game, I’ll assist them with a shell, I’ma serve them in the paint.” He targets snitches and expresses his lost of friends either due to death or incarceration. He creatively links many of his bars to basketball, “I’m in the zone laid up, I’ma catch him off a rebound.”

It’s not just music its art, to hear all their new releases first follow them on Twitter @YeaItzAugust and ‪@HazeMilli_59‪.

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New Mixtape – “No Hand-Outs”

August Rush released his latest mixtape in December 2014 titled, “No Hand-Outs.” He uses clear cut lyrics to create mental visuals for his listeners. “So what they know about the struggle baring mental scars, from getting shot at to a stranger dying in your arms.” Money, drugs, hustling, women and violence are classic topics for rappers to speak on but August adds originality. For example, he has eye-catching titles such as “Hood Pharmaceuticals” and “Yomi” which features Pessoz. One line that stood out to me on “Hood Pharmaceuticals” was “1 hood, 2 strips, 4 corners, new sh*t that’s only off of sour got a young ni**a lit.” Further he has music for the ladies with his “Can Get It” single featuring Jacene Millz and “She Hates Me.” Don’t miss out on August’s realism and creative bars, “I’m good with having less but it’s better when you got plenty.” Be sure to follow him on Twitter @Yeaitzaugust!

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