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Lala Anthony Goes On A Date?


According to a trending photo on Lala the fans seem to think Lala Anthony went on a date with actor,  Yahya Abdul-Mateen from Aquaman.

According to Page Six, Lala was grabbing breakfast with  Yahya Abdul-Mateen. Twitter is currently going crazy speculating if the relationship between Lala and Carmelo Anthony is over!

Carmelo Anthony did cheat on Lala Anthony however, it seems Lala Anthony being seen in public with another man is just as bad according to the Lala timeline trend.

The truth is no one knows why they were together. Lala is an actress and Yahya is an actor. What if they are going to be shooting a movie together? What if they are friends and they are exchanging acting tips?

Who knows why they were together. I’m just here to be the voice to give the benefit of the doubt.

If they were on an actual date lets see maybe that could mend Carmelo and Lala’s relationship. If Carmelo cheated and Lala cheated would that make them even? Could love be love?

Just asking.

What do you think, comment below.