We$tside Parle – Hallway Raps Vol. 1

We$tside Parle released a new project called, “Hallway Raps Vol. 1” featuring 5 bass pumping lyrical flowing singles.

The first track is “Dead Presidents IV,” and automatically you’ll hear the beat and feel uplifted and liberated simultaneously. The track brings an unparalled vibe.

“Crypto Currency” is all about good vibes due to possession of money. The best part about We$tside Parle as an artist is his ability to fluctuate his voice. However, despite his sound he always has a swagged out energy in his music.

My favorite songs on the project are “Hallway Raps” and “Sounds like 6am in Harlem.” When he raps on “Hallway Raps” he holds nothing back. You can feel every emotion with every word. We$tside Parle raps, “This is so new, feel the presence in my vocal, reminiscent times, almost cried in that phone booth.”

“0.9 Off a Gram” and “Sounds like 6am in Harlem” are the last two singles on the “Hallway Raps Vol. 1” project. All I can say is, this is one project you’ll enjoy if you are into Hip Hop.

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The Brobot Johnson Experience

The Brobot Johnson Experience was literally a more than worth it experience. The Bushwick Starr and All For One Theater presented The Brobot Johnson Experience from February 14th through March 17th.

This presentation was written and performed by Darian Dauchan and directed by Andrew Scoville. The performance and experience was amazing because of the various voices, stages and storylines all performed by Darian.

LL Cool J was the name of the ship that crashed with Darian inside. The only way to get the ship up and moving was to increase the b funk meter. There were 13 codes that would assist in increasing the levels on the meter and some of the codes were “Ingenuity,” “Nutrition,” and “Movement.”

The best part about the experience was the audience engagement. The audience members were clapping their hands, stomping their feet and even dancing! We even received bright strobe lights and snacks.

The storyline was hilarious and certain phrases such as a the B funk meter was purely unique to the experience. Certain terms were beyond funny such as “Shitmosphere” and “Intergalactic.”

One line that specifically stood out to me was , “You must rise to the occasion and make your own miracle.”

Above is a short preview into the Brobot Experience.


IG: @bushwickstarr

Svvoir – Limelight

Svvoir recently released his debut single, “Limelight.” This song dives deep into a world of “busy” and getting lost in it. “Limelight” is reflective of running red lights, partying and drinking.

He gets into losing friends, getting money and having the major key, courtesy of DJ Khaled. Svvoir focused on himself and he’s focused on the limelight basically doing whatever it takes to get to where he wants to be.

“Just believed in myself and then my heart got stronger.”

You’ll hear his drive in the lyrics.

“Ignoring all my friends won’t even speak about it.”

“VIP at the night show, private party invitations getting me exposed.”

Instagram: @Svvoir

Lusive – “Frxxdom”

Lusive recently released his latest project, “Frxxdom” with 5 blazing originals inspired by Black History Month. On the project there’s one feature that goes by the name of Chosen and he is on the first track called, “Squared.” The melodic flow on the track will leave you harmonizing.

The next track, “Vic Damone” starts off with an interesting intro that automatically had me ready to hear the record, “You got to watch the moves you make and who you make them with.” I also found myself enjoying the creative lyrics and phrases like “weed cologne.”

“Frxxdom” is one of the realest song because of the truth in the lyricism. Lusive raps, “or they feel you a threat to them then they try to plot on your whole family.” He raps about the upgrade from drinking 50 cent sodas to mimosas and seeing the same people on the corner. He makes it clear that he’s focused on change and progress.

The most motivational track on the project is “Get It.” This song focuses on the amount of time it took him to get to where he is now. Earning his stripes through working all night and focusing on his vision are the main key points on this single. The beat is also addictive.

“Two L’s make a W.”

Last but not least is “Self Employed” and this song touches on a lot of people’s inner thoughts. He discusses his hatred for having a job. He talks about calling out and being late because he disliked the idea of making money for someone else.

This is a great project! It’s uplifting and relatable.

Make sure you press play above!


Raja – Island Gyal ft. Tory Lanez

Raja collaborated with Hip Hop & RnB star Tory Lanez on his latest single “Island Gyal.” You may be familiar with Raja from his creative and memorable record, “Sangria Sangria.” He is soon to release an album this year called, “Rebirth” and “Island Gyal” is the second single off of  that project.

Of course, “Island Gyal” gives off a reggae style but he somehow successfully blends the caribbean vibes with the pop world. Raja creates a peace and serenity with lyrics like “Baby you the type I’d marry, you bring them caribbean vibes, girl you make me feel alive.”

Tory Lanez lyrics are charismatic as usual with a finesse, “Go slow for me baby, bruk it down so low that its like a new move for me baby.”

There’s no way you won’t want to dance after hearing this song.

With hits like these it’s no wonder Raja’s been featured on Billboard, RapRadar, XXLMag and ThisIs50.

Celebrity MuA Nydia Launches her new salon “faces by Nydia ” hosted by Samantha Wallace of Vh1 Love & Hip Hop NYC

Cedar Grove , NJ – February 17th, 2018 , Celebrity Makeup artist , Nydia Figueroa, announced that she will officially launching of her innovative salon Faces by Nydia Makeup Studio & Bridal Suite “ opening on Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at the spectacular Studios Located at 1064 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove, New Jersey from 5 PM to 9 PM. The event is hosted by Vh1 Love & Hip Hop NYC break out star ,Samantha Wallace . Guest shall enjoy a signature evening of live music, passed o’douvers and stellar spirits. Some of New York’s and New Jersey’s most influential and sought out personalities have confirmed their attendance , MTV Grossbuster host Evan The Show , Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Pilar Scratch , Samantha Wallace of Love & Hip Hop NYC , Elizabeth Ann of Vh1 Tough love , celebrity Hair Stylist Zullay and more attended the event

This event lends press, media, and photographers alike the opportunity to interview talent, taste makers and the who’s who of the fashion and beauty industry .

With over 12 years of experience, Nydia has made a name for herself starting off at the age of 18 as an artist for one of the biggest company names in the world, MAC Cosmetics. She followed her dream, working for five time Emmy award winning makeup artist ( The Today show, The View ) EVE PEARL who was the reason she pursued the career of makeup over a decade ago.

Nydia is also a Celebrity & Published makeup artist whose work has been featured on television, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, NYFW, The Miss Universe Organization, MSNBC, Telemundo and more. Her work has also been featured on Vouge.com, Style.com, Yahoo.com and more. Nydia’s experience spans across a broad scope of field within the makeup industry and is also an educator in beauty. She has taught her signature makeup techniques to hundreds of students all over the country.

The event will be sponsored by : Creative Envision , Creative J Pops, Gold Standard Entertainment , Victoria’s Secret , Rb’s Sweet Treats , Empanada Lady , Calyboo’s Kitchen , Styled by SK , Body by Ariel Grace , Kawaii Girl Cosmetics , Yenyere Dance Studio” , & Proud Proud Proud Designs

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Lavita Gold x JAR Music Showcase & Industry Mixer

Last Saturday, Lavita Gold and JAR (Jocelyn A Rivera) teamed up to put together an event to showcase music in Queens, NY. Several artists from New York came to the event to support their friends, to perform and overall enjoy the experience.

The atmosphere of this event was incredible. Guests were greeted by a wall of gold balloons as they walked into the room. There was a case of jewelry, a wall of paintings, a bar of refreshments and a performance section resemblance of the most lit club in New York City.

Between the performer’s high energy, the disco ball and the strobe lights, I’m sure everyone enjoyed their experience. The performers received interviews by several media outlets.

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New Music Alert! Majilla – “Have My Way”

Majilla recently released a new single called “Have My Way.” She is a 22 year old artist from Akron, Ohio. This song is a mix between both the alternative and r&b genres. This song is based on a relationship that explains one partner wanting more. A lot of relationships lack trust but people stick it out regardless and this song touches on dishonesty.
Majilla sings,  “We got something thats been missing trust and honesty Can I have my way?”
She sings about the girl she’s into giving mixed signals about her own feelings. On this song she points out feeling lonely but having the inability to leave the special lady in her life.  The song is deep with a fun beat.
Make sure you press play above!