Sy Ari Da Kid drops New Music Video – “5 Minutes Ago.”

Sy Ari Da Kid has been producing non-stop music and his latest music video, “5 minutes ago” was released today. This is the second visual off of his “B4 The Heartbreak” project and I must say the video is very clever. From the start of the video a clock is moving backwards in time and all action is in reverse. His girlfriend is going off on him over a voicemail and Sy Ari Da Kid puts her back in her place with his lyricism. He combines both his rapping and singing abilities on this track. He raps, “Them other ho*s saying Sy get it and go, we only want to hit the scene when y’all tripping at home.” Later he sings about not wanting anyone else and his love for this girl despite her distrust. By the end of the video the clock moves forward and his girlfriend is seen walking away instead of in reverse from the start of the video.

I loved it, check out the first visual to drop below.

Artwork for “B4 The Heartbreak”

B4THB Front

B4THB Back


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