Stylists Influencers Press @ FIT Event

The SIP @ FIT event was a major success. In case you’re wondering SIP stands for Stylists, Influencers and Press. Lisa Kesselman of FIT & Chris Collie of Style is Law with the designers of FIT Design Entrepreneurs Collaborative were responsible for this successful union of Stylists, Influencers and Press. 

There were several rooms at the event, each showcasing the work of a designer whether the room had clothes, shoes, bags or jewelry. Some designers specialized in sportswear and swimwear while others were known for their red carpet attire.

Kandice Pelletier, Kristi Vosbeck, Layana Aguilar, Minan Wong, Chikimiki, Marie Odile, Control Sector, Cenia and Noah Waxman were some of the designers present. 

I was able to interview a few designers such as Kandice Pelletier, Layana Aguilar and Control Sector to find out more about their work. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming interviews on the designers of the night. 

Above you’ll find a brief recap of the event. 

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