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S.G. Goodman “Space and Time”

“Space and Time” by S.G. Goodman is a beautiful and meaningful record accompanied by a storytelling visual. 

“Space and Time” by S.G. Goodman is the perfect song for anyone who wants to express their love for someone or anything while they still can.

“I never want to leave this world without saying I love you.” 

When I hear “Space and Time” I think of never wanting to say goodbye.

As you watch the music video above you’ll notice a camouflage overlay that removes the object which is in focus symbolizing its disappearance. Some of the key items removed such as a recliner chair, a note and even a horse could be perceived as highly significant to S.G. Goodman.

The setting of the music video is in a rural area and the video features nature and animals but most importantly memories.

S.G. Goodman is from Kentucky and she’s been featured on several press outlets including npr, Rolling Stone, SPIN and more! 

She recently performed at two shows in New York opening for Madison Cunningham. Her debut album “Old Time Feeling” is available now: 

Follow S.G. Goodman on social media to hear more music and hear about her upcoming shows.

Instagram: @s.g.goodman


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