Soulja Boy IS BACK!!!

Wow I can not lie I was not expecting a musical return from Mr. Soulja Boy himself. I am happy to see him back on the scene I mean lets be real Soulja Boy has so much money he really had no reason to release new music or to even emerge in the music game after his success rates but nonetheless he’s back. I watched his new music video, “New Drip” and he looks liked he’s embodied the new Hip Hop culture to the T. He’s right on point. Granted his music style was wayyyy different when he first came but it takes a very talented artist to switch his style and to get it right!

Of course in the video, “New Drip” Soulja Boy is iced out and scene with a beautiful lady in his car. There is nothing extravanagt about this video but I think his loyal fans were excited to see him return and his swag is still impressive.

Check it out above and be sure to let me know what you think!

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