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I had the amazing opportunity to interview Rome HYH from Mount Vernon, New York and I was able to find out about his music career and what led him to gain interest in the music industry.

Rome took the time out to explain a funny but pivotal moment and lesson learned in his teenage years that led him to pick up a pen and start writing lyrics. Growing up he played several instruments including the violin and piano. He has made several music videos throughout his career and has a great sound for music. He even discovered Ella Mai’s instagram page in 2015 before the world knew who she was in efforts to solidify a collaboration.

The music videos on his Youtube page are both original singles as well as freestyles. Throughout the music videos, you will see landmark images and areas of Mount Vernon, New York. Rome mentions the competition of music artists in New York and his ability to keep true to his personal image helps him stand out from all the other rappers. There’s also images of his clothing brand in the interview HYH @hyh_apparel.

Rome will be performing tomorrow, March 2nd in Mount Vernon, New York at the Alamo.

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