Rich The Kid Proposes To His Girlfriend Tori Brixx

Rich The Kid has proposed to his girlfriend of 2 years, Tori Brixx and she said yes! Although, the couple was on Instagram live having a dispute it seems the couple has fought through the hard times and are ready to make a mends and this time for good.

On Instagram live Rich The Kid had an argument with Tori Brixx and the altercation was disturbing for some of his fans. Although there were curses flying and possibly a shove seen on the instagram live, I am happy they made up.

One thing I will always say is, it is difficult to live in the public eye. When you are famous regardless of whether you are a music artist, dancer, model or any form of entertainer you will be watched and you will be judged.

Rich The Kid apologized on Instagram to Tori Brixx and made it very clear that he loves her and and is truly sorry for his words and actions.

Rich The Kid, 27 years old had a baby with Tori Brixx this past April. Rich The Kid has two other children from his previous marriage.

Rich The Kid took to Instagram to say, “Honestly there are not too many words that can explain the feelin, it was magical, I was nervous af but I did it 😌💍.”

Rich The Kid is a very popular artist with his hits such as “Plug Walk” and “Richer Than Ever.”

Congratulations to the wonderful 2020 waiting for Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx.

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