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Puday Piff’s first single “Church In The Trap” definitely emanates a church vibe in the intro but when the bass drops the tone is definitely set for the lyrics to come throughout the EP.

“I came up from out of the trenches, now I’m on the road to the riches.” 

Puday Piff really raps about growth and his journey from the bottom to a desirable lifestyle. 

“Balance” is the second record on “Qp” and has a fun trap vibe that has an undeniable bounce. 

My favorite record on the project is “2am On The Southside” featuring Lewi B, Bloody NY and Studz Corleone.

“Got to move with a purpose, cause if you don’t know your worth then your worthless.” 

Puday Piff represents Yonkers and talks about the southside on this record touching on the hate, struggle, money and more. 

“Came up from the bottom, I’m a product of the crack era.” 

In addition to the artist names mentioned earlier, Zno and Chinni (RIP Chinni) are also featured on the EP. 

Puday Piff also talks about unity and losses on the final single, “Check In.“ You can really feel the pain on this single as he opens up about losing one of his very close friends, Chinni. The video is above.

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