The Spotted Lanternfly is Taking Over! 

The Spotted Lanternfly is Taking Over! 

The Spotted Lanternfly is a beautiful insect with spots and a tan, red and black mix of colors. Although, the insect is not native to the US, New Yorkers are beginning to see the bugs quite often. New Yorkers have been instructed to kill the Spotted Lanternfly immediately. 

The insects do not harm humans but they kill plants and crops. They also can make trees weak. The insects arrived in Pennsylvanie back in 2014 but they originated in Asia. They are invasive and multiply swiftly. They hop and often hitch a ride on cars. 

Senator Chuck Schumer said in a New York Post article, “This is a multi-million-dollar threat to New York’s economy — both tourism and agriculture are now at risk if the spotted lanternfly goes unchecked,” he said. “But the good news here is that we have federal funds already in place, that I secured, to help New York contain the bug, and that we will be pushing for more.”

In an article posted by the Guardian, Michael Thomas, a maintenance worker said he started to notice the insects last year in late June at 3 World Trade Center. Sources believe the lantenfly was first seen in New York in June/July of 2021. 

Below are images of what people have to say about the invasive Spotted Lanternfly.

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