Trey Songz “Trigga” Album Review


It’s all about “Trigga”! Yes it’s already been a month since the R&B sensation; Trey Songz released his 6th album studio titled “Trigga”. The 17 track album was released by the Songbook imprint through Atlantic Records on July 1st 2014. Trey sold a total of 105,000 copies in the first week making “Trigga” his second album to be No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Trey’s first album to hit number 1 on the billboard 200 was “Chapter V” back in 2012.

“Trigga” is equipped with a lot of top bangers such as “Smartphones,” “Na Na,” and “Foreign.” Since, Trey has already had 19 songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs; it was no surprise to see “Na Na” high on the Charts holding a position at No. 7. Other songs on the album are just as good as the radio hits, it must have been hard deciding which records to put out first. The r&b album is relatable, and catchy. “They say you can’t have cake and eat it too but ain’t that what you s’posed to do?” is just one example of Trey’s clever lyricism throughout the album.

If you like smooth r&b, club hitters, and catchy hooks “Trigga” is definitely needed in your life. If you haven’t already, buy Trey Songz’s new album “Trigga” you won’t be disappointed.

Bobby Shmurda : Newest Brooklyn Rapper

“Hot N****” by Bobby Shmurda is a new rap song that emerged into the limelight a couple weeks ago via Internet. Although, the song is originally called Shmoney Dance by Rowdy Rebbel ft. Bobby Shmurda, “Hot N****” received the vast majority of attention. The beat used in both songs is the Jahlil Beats-produced instrumental from Lloyd Banks’ “Jackpot”. Since the release of the music video displaying the Shmoney Dance, Bobby got everybody dancing. The 10 second dance clip instantly became viral on vine. The Shmoney Dance has been re-enacted by thousands of people including Beyonce, Meek Mill and Christian Casey Combs a.k.a. P. Diddy’s son.

During the Beyonce and Jay-Z “On the Run” tour in Jersey, Beyonce surprised her fans by doing the Shmoney dance to her “Flawless” beat. Jay-Z even replaced one of his song lyrics from “Come money dance with the good fellas” to “Come Shmoney Dance with the good fellas,” while performing his song “F*** with me I know I got it.” Bobby Shmurda’s song currently has over 2,225,000 views. If you thought he was going to settle as just being an Internet sensation then you thought wrong. According to his interview at the Breakfast Club at Power 105.1 he’s been doing shows and making new videos while working on his album.

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So the real question is, is he signed? Yes, just this week he signed his name on the dotted like with EPIC records, he’s been moving up quicker than lightening. He’s been traveling around the states showing off his new song and viral shmoney dance moves. He was brought out on stage by Meek Mill at King of Diamonds, and also made an appearance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival alongside Raekwon. Despite having some of the hottest people in the game such as Fabolous bring him out on stage, he would really like to work with Lil Boosie. Understandably though since all of his family is from the south. He on the other hand resides in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York.

If you think Bobby Shmurda’s buzz is hype right now you haven’t seen anything yet. Today, July 16, 2014 French Montana posted an Instavideo of Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel Shmoney dancing to French Montana’s verse on Shmurda’s “Hot Ni**a.” The remix doesn’t have a release date as of yet but it seems like a summer banger is on its way.

Who is Iggy Azalea?

Amethyst Amelia Kelly better known as Iggy Azalea is an Australian hip hop recording artist born on June 7, 1990. She’s a Wilhelmina Model, the face of Levi Jeans, and a rap artist whose name is swiftly spreading amongst the hip hop community. She was on the cover of XXL magazine in 2012 for the Top 10 Freshman issue, making history as the first women to be on the XXL’s Freshman list.Her first mixtape, Ignorant Art was released in 2011 and received over 34,000 downloads on TrapGold, her second mixtape released in 2012 totaled over 38,000 downloads on

Iggy is a Def Jam Artist, with a total of 3 EP’s. Iggy’s latest work is her debut album called “The New Classic”. “Change your life,” “Fancy,” “Work,” and “Bounce” are 4 hit records all on the “The New Classic” album. “Fancy” has been the number 1 record on Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks. Iggy is featured on Ariana Grande’s new record “Problem” and it has the number 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. There’s only four female rap solo artists that reached the top of the Hot 100 and Iggy is one of them. She’s busy working hard, as TI’s new song “No Mediocre” featuring Iggy was just released this week and it’s already top 20 on itunesus. Keep up to date with this booming music artist by following her twitter =  fancy fierceUnknownimages

Yo Gotti Chapter One Mixtape Review

My favorite aspects to this mixtape are the beats and punch lines. You ever listen to a song and get hype from a lyric that made you think deeper than you intended too? Well I had a couple of those moments while listening to CMG’s music.

Yo Gotti & CMG presented their “Chapter One” mixtape on May 22, 2014. The CMG crew consist of Yo Gotti, Wave Chapelle, Zed Zilla and Snootie Wild. This mixtape has various beat selections, creative lyrical phrases, catchy hooks and a good mix of content. Every song gives a different vibe.

The mixtape has hype songs that make you want to fight, materialistic songs that discuss money and cars, ambition, dreams, there’s drug and violence records as well as the sentimental “all that I’ve been through songs”. Personally my favorite record is “Made Me” featuring the Mr. Cut a Bish off himself, K Camp.

Street mentality and Dream Mentality mixed all into one. The street lifestyle is depicted in the mixtape through robberies, drugs, money problems, warrants and promiscuous girls. Wave Chappelle talks a lot about his mind state to keep going and how he made it.

If you need new music on your ipod, mp3 player or cell phones. You already know what to do. Download this mix tape on! Follow the CMG crew on Twitter & Instagram! @YoGottiKOM @SnootieWild @ BLMNWAVE @ZEDZILLA1

August Alsina “Testimony” : Album Review

August Alsina is one of very few R&B singers that can be considered a “realist”, that’s experienced hardship and won’t allow fame to change him. He’s a fresh breath of air bringing originality and a unique blend of concepts to his songs. He has an incredible singing ability, and lyricism that can affect anyone whose felt pain.

His debut album dropped April 15, 2014 and he’s made several mixtapes previously. He has songs that empower woman and talks about their worth such as “You Deserve” and “Ah Yeah.” Yes ladies, he’s not calling us girls out our names. “Ghetto” and “Get Ya Money” are what I like to call acceptance & appreciation songs. Those two touch on sensitive topics such as stripping and girls raised in the hood. He seems to be the type of guy to understand the struggles someone may go through and respect one’s grind.

August Alsina is an open individual that puts all of his self and life into his music. “FML”, “Testify” & “Grind & Pray” will have you relating and understanding him like you’ve known him for years. He doesn’t sugar coat anything in his life he keeps it real which people tend to be receptive too.

However, August is a 21 year old talented, good looking and successful young man in the R&B industry with women at his fingertips. He has songs such as “Numb” & “I Luv This Shit” to remind us listeners of that. These songs touch on bottle popping, success and the women who he has access too.

I rarely can say this, but I like every song on the “Testimony” album. Especially the fact he dedicated a song to his mother called “Mama” that talks about the lessons he’s learned from her and his current accomplishments. He has songs like “Make it Home” that talk about the lifestyle he came from, which many rap artists can relate too and use as a topic in their songs as well.

”Porn Star” & “Kissin on my tattoos” are two freak/romantic songs on the album just to name a few. He’s combined various topics on his album as you can tell, which has the ability to attract listeners from various age groups.

This versatile talented artist has all the best features including Young Jeezy, Trey Songz, Fabolous, Chris Brown and B.O.B. just to name a few.

To learn more about August Alsina amazing talent buy his album “Testimony”, visit the website and follow him on twitter –







New Artist : Tory Lanez

CAN YOU SAY SWAVEY??? The King of Swavey aka TORY LANEZ is a 22-year-old rap artist born as Daystar Peterson. Big name difference right! I’ll tell you about that a little later.

This passionate Canadian is a self – taught muscian who feels he was born to make music. The singer/rapper never had a vocal coach, making him living proof of the phrase “practice makes perfect.” They say life circumstances could stir passion and turn a person into a strong music head and this just might be the case for Mr. Tory Lanez. His anemic mother had a disease that only 4 out of 1 million get a year. Tory was 11 when she died. It seems he fueled his anger and ambition into his songs.

He’s dropped 8 mixtapes beginning in 2010 with “Mr 1 Verse Killah.” Don’t believe his dedication? Let’s just say he dropped 3 mixtapes in 2011 and he’s collabed with Bun B & Kirko Bangz. So how did he get discovered? YOUTUBE! Yes ya’ll it can happen. Apparently, Sean Kingston was looking for an Akon video on YouTube and stumbled across one of Tory Lanez’s freestyle. He received a call from Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber on his birthday right after he dropped his “Just Landed” mixtape. Tory Lanez is a big fan of Justin Bieber, so that was some birthday I’d say.

Not only is he writing all his songs and has enough energy to light up the world, he’s created a new music genre called SWAVEY! Swavey is a musical genre that combines more than one musical style. Swavey is a mixture of several music genres. His creativity and musical talent might be inspired from his various living environments such as Montreal and Atlanta.

He received the Lanez part of his name from a janitor that worked inside of his apartment complex. The janitor would call him lanes because Peterson would always run in between traffic lanes. His friends started calling him Notorious because he wanted to become like Biggie. Of course notorious was too long so they shortened it to Tory hence, Tory Lanez.

His latest mixtape, Chixtape 2, was just released in March 2014. Be sure to download his mixtape, you won’t be disappointed.
Be sure to watch the video up above it’s an amazing song titled “Know What’s Up” ft. Kirko Bangz.

To learn more about this artist follow him on –

Another video titled “Hate me on the low” Enjoy!

New Artist : TINASHE

Tinashe Jorgenson Kachingwe was born in Kentucky on February 6, 1993 and signed to Sony RCA records in 2012. Her father is from Zimbabwe and her mother is of Irish, Danish and Norwegian descent. She is a new young artist who moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles that’s making a very big name for herself. She’s TALENTED. STYLISH. & CREATIVE. She’s a R&B singer, actress and a former model. She has starred in “Akeelah and the Bee” and in “Two and a Half Men” just to name a few. She’s an excellent dancer with an abundance of sex appeal. She released three successful mixtapes, in 2012 she released “In Case We Die” and “Reverie.” In 2013 she released her mixtape “Black Water” with each mixtape hitting over 100,000 views on “She’s already collaborated with Travi$ Scott & SchoolBoy Q. She’s even edited her own youtube videos and her wardrobe is just unbelievable. Can you say SWAG? Up above is her new video titled “2 On” by SchoolBoy q. Check out her youtube, she has plenty of music videos that prove she’s the full package. To learn more visit her website,

Rick Ross Mastermind Album Review

“They say it’s hard to smile with a double life in the middle of the night wit a bloody knife Lord give him a chance every man should be free He wanted him a degree but got him a key!!” Yesss this is off of Rick Ross’s Mastermind and this lyric is from a track called Drug Dealer’s dream. I opened this piece with that lyric because it possesses imagery and realism, which could be a summary of Ross’s album. This album features some of the top music artists in the game right now – The Weeknd, French Montana, Lil Wayne, Diddy, Movado, Kanye West, and more.

If you are a Rick Ross fan than you know his content is usually based on money, cars, girls, past trials and nothing has changed in this album. He discusses his lifestyle, shout out his homies who passed into another life and the ones locked up and the cocaine he dealt. “Blood on the counter Damn I miss my dawg I’m just thinking bout his daughter in another life he balling!”

Rick Ross beats are straight fire and versatile. Some of his songs give you a laid back feeling you could imagine yourself riding around your city on a sunny day. Other beats have gun shot sounds in them and prepare you to get hype. If you have any beef with anyone, he’ll stir some emotions. Some tracks have religion references and gospel choruses in them such as Sanctified.

Rick Ross may talk about common things that other rappers speak of but his wordplay keeps a listeners attention. Since, his lyrics are facts about his real life experiences listeners can relate to what he’s saying. For example, “blast for me the last word from my nigga on the pavement born killers body shivers” or “opposition want me dead or alive” are relatable lyrics. Some people have lost their best friends due to street crime and everyone has at least one hater.

One thing I do like about this album is the lyrics that discuss where he used to be in life and where he is now. “N***a seen a 36 at 16 100 k for the 16” or “Getting white money but I’m still black” these lyrics in particular reference change but he still knows where he came from. Rick Ross has ambition and goals that he’s accomplishing and his vivid lyrics lets people know anything can be done regardless of where you come from. Rick Ross is a mastermind – CEO of MMG!

Dreams Worth More Than Money Freestyle by Meek Mill : Review

If you haven’t heard the Dreams Worth More Than Money Freestyle and you’re a fan of hip-hop – get ready ! It’s straight fire, the song starts out with a sweet melody then the beat drops – its something crazy. If you are a fan of Meek Mill you know everything he spits is real and straight to the point. The first line is “My man got booked with a stone of white.” Many rappers talk about selling drugs and they friends getting locked up but delivery is key. Meek Mill is so hype that you can’t help but to nod your head back and forth when the beat drop and he spit his first bar.

“Niggas p***y in the dark lets turn the lights on“ this lyric stands out because it’s true back to the point of Meek Mill being real. If there’s no spotlight on people, it’s easy for them to fall back and pretend to be something their not. If you want to know who will be there for you when things get ill turn the lights on lol. “Got these rappers scared see them shaking like its Parkinson’s if they said my name then they got flamed I’m an arsonist.” That last sentence was all imagery and anything that can be easily visualized is easily remembered leading to a hit record.

I love the lyrical content because it matches the theme of the song. Meek Mill discusses the things he seen, and the struggle he overcame and then fast-forwards to the fancy things he’s now indulging in. “I used to sleep on the same floor the mice on now its Italian marble moon walk like Mike doing.” “Now he champagne gargling everything is marvelous.” He refers to his neighborhood as the jungle, which gives us listeners, an insight into the lifestyle he saw coming up.

If he didn’t have dreams nor believe in them, where would he be? Records like this are inspirational because they remind listeners, it’s not just about the hustle but the point is to make it out of the hood. He followed his dreams and now he has more money than he ever could of had as a dope dealer. He chose his own path and remained dedicated, which are key ingredients to accomplishing anyone’s dream.

From ages 21- 23 he talks about what he wanted in his life and the fact he got them is proof – hard work pays off! He came from nothing and now he’s stunting getting out of Maybach’s – trust that isn’t luck. He chases his dreams – “Hurricane first week I still killed the shit!” No excuses you got a dream, listen to Meek Mill! It’s not just about money, cars, and girls you could choose to focus on one of the other main messages which is to chase your dreams. Dreams Worth More Than Money knock to it!

Justin Timberlake Performance of the Year


What a burst of energy when Justin Timberlake began his performance backstage at the VMA’s. “Take back the night” was the starter of a thriller performance & boy did he own the night! No one was ready for the stellar performance Justin would provide for the audience and fans around the world. One moment he’s backstage and the next the crowd is before him. He’s such an eminent musician! The collaborative efforts between the key players in the performance were apparent from the live band down to the lighting. It seem like everything and everyone around him were “N’SYNC.”

Although, his performance seemed unusually long, I didn’t want him to stop. I’m sure you wondered how he was able to sing and dance for so long without passing out! However, I’m sure long hours of rehearsals prepared him for a great show.

He remixed one of his songs by singing his lyrics to “Sexy back” with the beat of Jay-Z ‘s “F**k With Me You Know I Got It” from his latest album. The collaboration was excellent; just when your mind is satisfied he jumps into a full fledge dance number to the beat of “Sexy Back!”

His dedication to his audience was surely on point. His ability to hit high notes, and incorporating his fans into the performance further made it even more memorable than any other performer that night.

As anyone would expect he played some of his hits such as “My Love” and “Cry me a River” but no one knew what would be next. “Cry me a river” is and will always be a fave but this part of the performance was nothing compared to what happens next.

Suddenly you see these bright flashing lights & N’SYNC appears on the stage right behind Justin Timberlake & the crowd went crazy! N’SYNC haven’t performed together since the 2003 Grammy awards. I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard “Girlfriend” and “Bye Bye”, those are just songs that bring back childhood memories.

To top it off, Justin doesn’t stop he actually goes on to perform his latest songs. There were several moments in his performance that seemed like great stopping points but impressively he didn’t seem tired until the very last song. Justin Timberlake VMA’s performance will definitely go down in VMA’s history. That night showed that he’s reach self-actualization showing his growth, and endurance in the spotlight. He’s simply nothing more than a bundle of pure talent in the 21st century.