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Offset releases his debut solo album “Father of 4” featuring 16 tracks including well known “Red Room.” This album features several notable music artists such as J Cole, Gunna, Quavo, Gucci Mane and of course the main, Cardi B.

The introductory single of the album is titled, “Father of 4” and features Big Rube on the first verse and the song just gets better and better. This is an impactful record because he literally mentions all of his kids and does not pretend that he wasn’t perfect but in fact tells the honest truth about having a child as a teenager, being broke and missing birthdays. He mentions how his son Kody already raps just like him and talks about missing his first daughters first couple years of life. He mentions Kulture and how she reminds him of his grandmother and also dedicates some loving lyrics to Cardi B.

Offset music comes off very pure and genuine with lyrics like “How Did I Get Here.”

“How did I get right here? (How did I?)
Neck, wrist on chandelier (Chandelier)
Made me wanna drop some tears (Tears)
Thankin’ God that I switched gears.”

Offset lyrics reference politics and racism on the single, “Lick.” On other singles, he raps about self motivation. Fans can learn a lot about Offset in this album such as his love for God, purchase of land and jail time.

He even speaks briefly on the allegations of relationship trouble between Offset and Cardi B on “North Star” and “Don’t Lose Me.”

“They lyin’ about the hoes, it’s fuckin’ my b*tch up mentally (Lie)
Shit be glitter, it don’t be gold the fame can f*ck up your family.”

Offset released a music video (above) for one of the singles, “Red Room” which currently has over 12 million views.

One of the best beats on the album is “Clout” featuring Card B! Quavo is featured on “On Fleek” and its delightful to hear both artists on the same track.

Check out the album and be sure to leave a comment !

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