Obasi Jackson releases a tribute music video celebrating his late brother Pop Smoke called, Work

Obasi Jackson created the Work Video with his brother Pop Smoke in his heart and mind. Work is a celebration of Pop Smoke and a tribute to the impact he made on many lives.

On the single, “Work” Obasi’s talent is apparent as you hear his vocal range perfectly change from deep tones to higher pitches throughout the song. Obasi gives listeners a melodic r&b sound mixed with a Hip Hop vibe.

Obasi does the famous Pop Smoke dance in the video while representing Canarsie and the Woo with his apparel. Obasi commends those who put in the work to reach their goals just as his brother did. The song is designed for everyone to feel the motivation to accomplish their dreams. His brother is an ideal example of how the life you want can be accomplished if you put in the work.

The “Work” music video ends with a famous Pop Smoke quote,

“Shoot For the Stars and Aim for The Moon.”

Obasi Jackson can be found on Instagram @obasijofficial

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