New Jersey Artist: Bleeze 201

New Jersey Artist: Bleeze201

Bleeze201, a New Jersey artist from Yung Fam bodied The Lox hit from the late 90’s, “Money, Power, Respect.” His flow is on point and energy is intense. It’s clear he’s playing no games, “Ain’t no safety on this corner that’s the secondary.” This isn’t the only new Freestyle though he also has another one called, “4th n Inches.” On “4th n Inches” Bleeze201 really goes into detail about his surrounding and demeanor, “And Look if we don’t got it we’ll come and get yours” and later he rhymes “Body bag nigga closed coffin, I see this shit happen too often.” He drops a new track on Soundcloud every Wednesday.
Check his page every Wednesday and follow him on social media!

Soundcloud: bleeze201
IG and Twitter: @Born2wynn_YF

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