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CAN YOU SAY SWAVEY??? The King of Swavey aka TORY LANEZ is a 22-year-old rap artist born as Daystar Peterson. Big name difference right! I’ll tell you about that a little later.

This passionate Canadian is a self – taught muscian who feels he was born to make music. The singer/rapper never had a vocal coach, making him living proof of the phrase “practice makes perfect.” They say life circumstances could stir passion and turn a person into a strong music head and this just might be the case for Mr. Tory Lanez. His anemic mother had a disease that only 4 out of 1 million get a year. Tory was 11 when she died. It seems he fueled his anger and ambition into his songs.

He’s dropped 8 mixtapes beginning in 2010 with “Mr 1 Verse Killah.” Don’t believe his dedication? Let’s just say he dropped 3 mixtapes in 2011 and he’s collabed with Bun B & Kirko Bangz. So how did he get discovered? YOUTUBE! Yes ya’ll it can happen. Apparently, Sean Kingston was looking for an Akon video on YouTube and stumbled across one of Tory Lanez’s freestyle. He received a call from Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber on his birthday right after he dropped his “Just Landed” mixtape. Tory Lanez is a big fan of Justin Bieber, so that was some birthday I’d say.

Not only is he writing all his songs and has enough energy to light up the world, he’s created a new music genre called SWAVEY! Swavey is a musical genre that combines more than one musical style. Swavey is a mixture of several music genres. His creativity and musical talent might be inspired from his various living environments such as Montreal and Atlanta.

He received the Lanez part of his name from a janitor that worked inside of his apartment complex. The janitor would call him lanes because Peterson would always run in between traffic lanes. His friends started calling him Notorious because he wanted to become like Biggie. Of course notorious was too long so they shortened it to Tory hence, Tory Lanez.

His latest mixtape, Chixtape 2, was just released in March 2014. Be sure to download his mixtape, you won’t be disappointed.
Be sure to watch the video up above it’s an amazing song titled “Know What’s Up” ft. Kirko Bangz.

To learn more about this artist follow him on –

Another video titled “Hate me on the low” Enjoy!

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