Nasty C – There They Go


Nasty C released a music video for his single, “There They Go” and it’s one video you don’t want to miss. 

Nasty C is a South African superstar signed to Def Jam. I love the Hip Hop bass and instruments within “There They Go.” 

The music video was shot in Durban, South Africa and the visuals  tell a story. “There They Go” is beyond interesting to watch with the numerous scenes in the video. 

Nasty C has swag, confidence, flow and skillful lyrics. 

“Me versus me that’s ghost and goat, I sign deals but I own my soul.” 

When you watch the video you’ll notice it starts off in the day time and ends in the night. “There They Go” is such a creative music video from watching Nasty C shop for suits to ending the night with a bunch of ladies in the pool. It’s like spending a day with Nasty C in under 4 minutes.

Nasty C is beyond talented. Stay tuned you’ll be reading more about him on 

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