Nasti Musiq – “Freak Show” feat. Retsel Shaw

Nasti Musiq  of Oklahoma released a new single called, “Freak Show.” Based off of the sexy single “Freak Show” I can honestly say Nasti Musiq is very talented and the vibe of the record brought me to a calm place reminiscent of the 90’s. Nasti Musiq sings about different positions while the lights are still on and his stroke game and more.

This song reminds me of old school r&b with a little bit of the modern feel of music that we listen to today from artists such as Tank, Trey Songz and August Alsina. The beat is smooth with a hint of bass creating an upbeat yet sensual vibe.

“Chasing you between the sheets, trying to give you all of me.”

Nasti musiq has great harmony and an awesome vocal range that shows an experienced skill level of singing.

“I ain’t got time for them games unless its four play.”

In fact, the chorus is catchy and the phrase “Welcome to my Freak Show, my little Freak Show” is sure to stay in your mind.

Check out the song above but most importantly follow Nasti Musiq on Instagram @nastimusiq and Facebook



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