Murc – “Purpose / Dis Summa”

Murc recently released a joint music video for two singles, “Purpose / Dis Summa.” This video is meaningful and well thought out. It was directed by DJ Good Wit It. The majority of the video features the single “Purpose” and the end of the video displays “Dis Summa.” 

As an introduction to the video, Murc raps about searching for a purpose, while we see him at a graveyard standing behind a tomb stone quoting a bible verse that begins with “Come Unto Me.” From start to finish, you’ll hear the meaning behind Murc’s lyrics. 

“That’s a gift and curse, and you can feel the hurt of another soul who done seen the worst living on this earth.”

I love the honesty he expresses about real life situations. Most artists struggle with conveying a message that’s unique from other artists, but Murc on the other hand went for exactly what was on his mind. To be honest I believe everyone has the thought of why they are on earth one time or another, after all purpose is essential. I appreciate music presenting a new idea and thought process for listeners. 

“I try to connect on a real level, but they want to change the subject.” 

Although, Murc talks about pain and hurt, he still stays true to God and expresses gratefulness. 

This is an example of a woke individual. 

Murc’s second half of the video presents the single, “Dis Summa” which is a bass filled track showcasing confidence in regards to making money specifically over the summer. I really like this song because it demonstrates Murc’s versatility as an artist. 

“Get all that money boy what you gon do, drip on them fools like a dog when it drools.”

“Dis Summa” is a catchy single. 

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