Mulatto, Flo Milli, Ade and Original Koffee 2020 BET Hip Hop Award Show Interviews

There were amazing interviews that took place on the virtual red carpet for the 2020 BET Hip Hop Award Show. Here are some highlights from the Mulatto, Flo Milli, Ade and Original Koffee.

“We can be women and still be bosses” – Flo Milli 

During the interviews, Flo Milli talks about her personality and how she always been confident and as time went on she learned to love herself even more. However even though she always had it she believes anyone can obtain it.

To stay centered Flo Milli meditates and recharges her energy. She talks about the importance of alone time and preserving her energy. Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Lil Kim are all artists she looks up to. We learned in the interviews if she could work with one male rapper it would be Young Thug. 

When Flo Milli talked about voting her advice was to go out and vote and not to take it lightly. She encourages everybody to vote. 

Hip Hop is freedom of expression. Ade says he always stay motivated because he feels like God always put opportunities in his life to let him know to keep going. He talks about having a song on a NFL commercial and everytime he has doubt something great happens. 

He has unreleased music featuring legends but he doesn’t tell us who. However he did tell us to be on the look out for the next couple of months or top of the year.

“Hip Hop really is pop music now” – Ade

Original Koffee reveals her dream collaboration would be Burna Boy. When she made Toast she remembers feeling grateful and writing her feelings in the song.  

She talks about winning a Grammy and how it’s a proud moment for her country, Jamaica and a historical moment. 

Other artist Original Koffee would like to work with include Drake, Da Baby, and Young Thug. She’s motivated by spirituality and positivity and she grew up in a Christian household. She bases her activities as an adult on her core values from being a child. 

This year’s honoree is Master P. Enjoy the show.

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