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MorninAfta Exclusive Interview Discussing New Music, The Plugs Daughter & More

MorninAfta Exclusive Interview Discussing New Music, The Plugs Daughter & More

MorninAfta States Kanye Says It Best, Provocative gets things going!



MorninAfta – The Plugs Daughter

Drops his along awaited song and music video to his single “Plugs Daughter” – MorninAfta Gimmedakeyz produced and MorninAfta mixed and recorded Chuckieewilliams. 



I had the chance to interview MorninAfta, a talented RnB singer. We spoke about his start in the music career, new music and more.

Sicarah: MorninAfta I love the name. How did you come up with your artist name?

MorninAfta: Kanye West said it best, provocative gets things going. All around person I wanted my music to reflect music from every angle. If you go to the club and have sex, if the night before your friend died or whatever happens you will wake up and think about what happened last night. 

Sicarah: When did you decide to pursue RNB and why? 

MorninAfta: I saw my friend who was in a choir and his voice was nice. I wanted to sing I knew how to rap because growing up in Baltimore all the guys used to rap and do cyphers but I knew I wanted to sing like my friend. So I taught myself, I went to a magnet school. The magnet school is where you go to school to pick a concentration. My concentration was choir and I joined the school choir. 

Sicarah: “Plugs Daughter” loved it like a real movie, Why she had to die though? 

MorninAfta: Yes it was about the plug. So its out now if you haven’t seen it yet. I am talking to the plug and I tell him I want to get out of the game and pursue my music career. The plug tells me that I can get out but he needs me to make a drop to the cartel on Friday. He tells me he loves me like his son and I can have everything I want except his daughter. However, throughout the week leading up to Friday, the plugs daughter and I are hanging out. After the drop I am followed by a guy sent by the plug to my crib and the guy shoots at me and I shoot back but I didn’t get shot instead the plugs daughter gets shot. So the point is the plug was trying to hurt me but ended up ending himself instead. Life is like that really because if it’s meant for someone you can’t penetrate it. 

Sicarah: Baltimore ok what was it like growing up in Baltimore?

MorninAfta:  It was beautiful but also the trenches. Not many people In Baltimore talk about College, I am one of them but many of them don’t. Many successful people came from Baltimore that I bet you didn’t know such as Toni Braxton, Sisqo, Mario, Dru Hill and more.

Sicarah: What made you move to Atlanta?

MorninAfta:  I chose to move to Atlanta because there’s more opportunity, a chance to make more money, and I already made all my contacts necessary while in Baltimore. 

Sicarah: If you could only pick one pair who would it be and why?

  • Omarion and Jhene Aiko
  • Miguel and Ashanti 
  • Ella Mai and Fabolous

MorninAfta: Miguel and Ashanti because Miguel has an even tone its a skill to go up and down vocally but it’s a skill to stay in your tone as well. Ashanti is great as well because she knows her lane. She’s not Beyonce but she can gain from what Beyonce does but contribute to the culture with her talent, and I don’t know if you have seen her lately but she looks phenomenal. 

Sicarah: I love the fact you joined a fraternity. Do you think your decision to join a frat encouraged your desire to pursue music in any way? Or helped shape who you are and if so how?

MorninAfta:  I love my fraternity. The videos just go viral and I feel like the success just happens but it’s not planned. I don’t know why some of the videos on my page that go viral do and that happens with my music too. Joining a fraternity definitely helped me because they accepted my music, they would say you sound like Chris Brown with autotune but we can hear the soul. Add more soul. 

Sicarah: I see you had a post on social media that mentioned the importance of having undeniable faith. Has your faith helped you get through the year and if so how?

MorninAfta:  Faith is key. You have to have faith you will succeed. My dream I can see it. I feel like when the time is right my career will take off just like that too. Coming from Baltimore I’ve seen many artists who had less followers than me take off and it just shows me it will happen when the time is right. 

Sicarah: You are a cover fanatic and that’s dope! What was one of your favorite songs to create and record a cover to and why? 

MorninAfta: Wale Matrimony this is the cover I really learned how to sing with. Music, make songs is like having a conversation. You have the beat and you have the vocals. It’s like a podcast sometimes its one-person other times its two but it’s a conversation and music is the same thing. When you hear the beat and lyrics are added it’s a conversation. 

Sicarah: We have to get into Social Distance. Your lyrics “I fell in love with you, I wasn’t thinking about myself.” “Breathe and Exhale I reflect on my mind.” How did this song come about? Do you feel like more men need to take time for themselves? 

MorninAfta: When I said “Social Distance” I thought sometimes you need to take a step back too much of anything can bring you down. That can mean many things. When I moved to Atlanta I gave up meat and alcohol because when you lose something your other senses kick in. When you eliminate things, it helps you stay focused and it’s easy to get lost in the sauce. There is a lot of sauce. So when I say social distance its really take time for yourself to help yourself.

Sicarah: “Breathe Pause” is Fire because the content normally isn’t paired with this type of beat and V.I.B.E you did the wifey throwback. This album thinking about you seems like a lot of fun for you to make? What was your goal with this album?

MorninAfta: When it comes to Breathe Pause there’s a story within a story for this one. My friend played me this somber song by Rihanna and it was so sad but I decided I wanted to sample it. Sometimes you just know when something is for you. I raised the beat, added Hip Hop to it and I produced this entire project. You know when there are songs you produced but you feel like you are the only person who can kill that beat. I think PartyNextDoor also said when he produces certain songs only him and Drake can kill certain beats that he creates.

Sicarah: “Can’t Help It” seems to be the leading single of the pill 2 what made you choose this single? 

MorninAfta:  I freestyled “Can’t Help It” and I was just talking on the beat. The beat was a vibe I just knew it was for me. It was a spur of the moment. 

Sicarah: What do you want your legacy to be? 

MorninAfta:  Balance, balance is important. I am a Virgo but sometimes I feel I am also a libra. Everyone needs balance. I feel like Kanye West has his hand in so many things but balance is the key. 


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