Meek Mill & Miguel BET STAY WOKE Performance

Wow, Meek Mill and Miguel performed a powerful new release titled, “Stay Woke” at the BET Awards this past Sunday. This performance had an undeniable impact. There was action, unfortunately parallel to the current CBS or ABC news story that have been airing lately.  Meek Mill and Miguel dressed the role of the average African American that is murdered by a police officer wearing a hoody. 

 Meek Mill’s new single, “Stay Woke” stands out because Meek Mill is an actual person that has experienced the wrong side of the law first hand. He wasn’t a witness but a victim of wrongful sentencing. 

The live performance for “Stay Woke” included cops fighting African Americans on the street, a young girl shot and killed and vivid images of incarceration. 

“I used to play the quarterback, my dog would go receiver, That was til the ball got flat by a dope needle on the pavement, It’s amazing’, this environment we was raised in.”

My number one lyric, 

“How can I pledge allegiance to the flag, When they killing all our sons, all our dads?”

Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in jail late last year for violating probation. Well Known individuals such as Rick Ross and Colin Kapernick rallied and spoke their mind about the injustice.

His performance also paid homage to the late XXXTentacion. The Hoody worn by Meek Mill was a large image of XXX’s face. His lyrics discuss the lifestyle of rappers who do drugs and he doesn’t discredit them but he explains how his life was when he was on the same path. 

In this song, you can see Meek Mill’s growth as an artist but also his growth as a human being. The advice provided in this song is deep and I really hope listeners take heed. 

Enjoy the BET Performance above and above all, “Stay Woke.”


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