Meek Mill – “Legends of the Summer – EP”

“Legends of the Summer – EP” could not have come at a better time. Meek Mill was recently released from prison this year.  His “Legends of the Summer – EP” features four singles. 

Meek Mill teamed up with Bronx legend, Swizz Beatz for his single, “Millidelphia.” The energy on this track is high and the lyrics are beyond real. He expresses how he feels about his recent imprisonment. 

“F*ck 12 and the cops, They wanna see me in the cage, I’d rather see me in a Wraith.”

“Millidelphia” is a track representing Meek Mill and his ability to hold his crown like he never left.

“When we do a hit, it’s a murder.”

“All of these pretty hoes I done hit, You better pray that I got a b**ch, I show no mercy on n**gas hoes, all I gotta do is just like a pic.” 

My favorite song on this EP is called “Dangerous” featuring PNB Rock and Jeremih. Meek Mill is an untouchable artist because he makes hit records regardless of the genre whether it is rap or r&b, he will always climb the charts.

He’s honest and real yet emotional on his singles.

“I done put so many diamond chains on you, they get tangled up, I never felt like this, this is strange as f**k (that’s what it’s like loving you.)”

Jeremih and PNB Rock together is perfection.

1am” is that club song that girls can twerk to and guys will love to hear. 

“Stay Woke” is the serious and conscious record on “Legends of the Summer – EP.”  Meek Mill’s new single, “Stay Woke” stands out because Meek Mill is an actual person that has experienced the wrong side of the law first hand. He wasn’t a witness but a victim of wrongful sentencing.

To see Meek Mill’s live performance of “Stay Woke” and hear what else I thought about the record click

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