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Madeyouso is out with a new single titled, “The Ride.” I love the beginning of this single with the catchy phrase, “All these diamonds on my body.”

This song will undeniably have your body moving and head nodding. I love this song because MadeYouSo has an incomparable voice. The combination of his bars and vocals create a unique listening experience.

MadeYouSo, “My mind on 100 and you on 99, how bad do you want it when you never grind?, I say if I want it, its already mines, I guess that’s the difference between you and I.”

I am blown away with these lyrics by MadeYouSo on “The Ride.”

Madeyouso expresses honesty in a blunt yet smooth manner that ultimately makes you want to work harder and get your mind to 100. The mix between his voice and the beat creates a great vibe.

This New York artist is here to stay! The video is coming soon but for now enjoy the single, “The Ride.”

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