M.A.R. – “Like Jeezy”

M.A.R. is a Connecticut rising rap artist heading for one of the top spots in the Hip Hop world. He released a hot new song in early 2015 called “Like Jeezy,” that clearly depicts his personal ups and downs.

On the chorus, M.A.R. says, “I seen it all Like Jeezy,” a lyric in reference to Young Jeezy, a famous rap artist from South Carolina. On the track M.A.R. offers several comparisons to Jeezy’s lifestyle, “All my n***as hustle sell that snow like they Jeezy.” One concept presented by M.A.R. is the idea of people assuming his life is easy because they are unaware of his pain. The concept is true for several music artists, yet rarely talked about in rap songs. Therefore, with his unique sound and creative lyricism, the song is original in multiple ways.

M.A.R. was a featured headline artist for the TopMics Tour sponsored by the Source Magazine. He has also opened up for various music artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Young Jeezy and Vado, just to name a few. He’s going places and fast. To keep up with all of M.A.R.’s up and coming projects following him on his social media platforms:



Facebook: www.facebook.com/marstreetlevel




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