Lusive – “Frxxdom”

Lusive recently released his latest project, “Frxxdom” with 5 blazing originals inspired by Black History Month. On the project there’s one feature that goes by the name of Chosen and he is on the first track called, “Squared.” The melodic flow on the track will leave you harmonizing.

The next track, “Vic Damone” starts off with an interesting intro that automatically had me ready to hear the record, “You got to watch the moves you make and who you make them with.” I also found myself enjoying the creative lyrics and phrases like “weed cologne.”

“Frxxdom” is one of the realest song because of the truth in the lyricism. Lusive raps, “or they feel you a threat to them then they try to plot on your whole family.” He raps about the upgrade from drinking 50 cent sodas to mimosas and seeing the same people on the corner. He makes it clear that he’s focused on change and progress.

The most motivational track on the project is “Get It.” This song focuses on the amount of time it took him to get to where he is now. Earning his stripes through working all night and focusing on his vision are the main key points on this single. The beat is also addictive.

“Two L’s make a W.”

Last but not least is “Self Employed” and this song touches on a lot of people’s inner thoughts. He discusses his hatred for having a job. He talks about calling out and being late because he disliked the idea of making money for someone else.

This is a great project! It’s uplifting and relatable.

Make sure you press play above!


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