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“Song Written About Girls” by Love At First Sound is exactly what the song title implies. The song is all about girls and their addiction to Gucci, Marc Jacobs and other high-end designer brands.  During the entire song he impressively correlates jobs and unfavorable actions girls get involved in just to buy designer brands. It’s an interesting song because of the way his lyrics rhyme when he mentions the actions linked to obtaining the various designer brands. The song is simple but efficient enough to portray the mentality of certain girls who believe in “any means by necessary” methods to have the finer things in life, “She’ll have your baby if you buy her a Mercedes.” From the title of the song there’s so many different spins that could have occurred from the title. I wasn’t expecting the angle Love At First Sound chose to expand on and that’s what intrigued me. This R&B artist has many more songs on his “AUDRA” project that are also interesting.


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