Lil TJAY – F.N.

Lil Tjay just released a new music video for his song, “F.N.”

I loved the video because the storyline of the music video was real.

The song and the video coincide with the concept of snitches who tell on people they grew up with and one scenario of how the story could end for both parties involve.

In the video F.N., Lil Tjay takes us to the block and the moments leading to an arrest. We bear witness to the interrogation process and the moment the snitch confessed and walked free from the jail.

Then we were able to see the scene in the music video involving the repercussions the snitch had to pay and the moment of freedom for Lil Tjay in the video.

Realistic music videos will never go out of style and relatable stories embedded in music will always be a strong suit within the Hip Hop culture.

I thoroughly enjoyed this music video and I hope you did too!

To purchase the song, see below:

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