Let’s find the “Disco Lover” in you with Rico Davis new single!

Rico Davis is a versatile music artist with an unchanging love for music and dance. His style incorporates several genres including but not limited to Dance, Pop and R&B which is highlighted in his latest single, “Disco Lover.” When you listen to “Disco Lover” you will feel empowered, free and instantly think its a cool Friday night designed for a great party in sight. This single takes you back to the 70’s with a modern feel. This song provides more than a cool beat, it gives an experience. 

The lyrics are pure and all about genuine fun. 

“On our way girl, to the dance floor, work that body, like no other.” 

The beginning of the song provides an upbeat dance song that everyone can party to. As the song continues the song gradually shifts into a smooth r&b realm and Rico Davis really takes the song away adding swag with every syllable. 

“Number one we on the top, got it on lock, standing on n*ggas who not.” 

Although, Rico Davis blends several genres into one song he still flawlessly completes the merge and keeps listeners engaged.

Rico Davis’s passion and success began at an early age as he was a member of the winning choir at the International Days of Coro Competition in Italy. As his music career soars on he continues to lead in triumph performing and releasing his creative and talented vocals in showcases and collaborating with Grammy Winner Fran Cathcart and Jason Pittman. 

The debut album, The Golden Ratio and the “Disco Lover” music video are both set to release this march. He will be performing at the Singersroom, Press Play Agency and Samsung Soul Case in Brooklyn today, February 15th. 

To keep up with his upcoming shows and music releases follow Rico Davis on Instagram @ricodavisonline. 

Click the link below to check out his latest feature on Hollywood Unlocked. 



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