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Legend Dirt Bike James

Legend Dirt Bike James

James Cedric Hayden, affectionately known as “ Dirtbike James” was born January 9,1971 in East Harlem , New York.

Dirtbike James was a legend in the streets but most importantly in the Bike World.

Growing up in Harlem around the 80s era money was the most important thing on every hustler’s mind and unfortunately for James who was only 23 as a result he was sentenced to 48 years in federal prison for drug charges. Of course the FBI tried their hardest to convince James to cooperate so he can receive a lighter sentence. But James was an honorable man and deeply believed in DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.

But his story doesn’t end there. Thanks to our FOREVER President Barack Obama James was able to come home earlier. Obama signed the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 into law that dramatically reduced a 100-to-1 sentencing disparity between powder and crack cocaine, which disproportionately affected minorities. His administration also advocated for, and the U.S. Sentencing Commission approved, the retroactive application of these sentencing guidelines which became effective

Thankfully for this new law Dirtbike James returned home on time served after completing 19 years and KEEPING HIS MOUTH SHUT!

While James was away a childhood friend would tell him stories of a bike club Go Hard Boys and he would also share his vision with James , a vision to gather the best riders and supporters to make the GHB family. Celebrities such as Fetty Wap, Kirk Frost, and Ronnie Faisst are also members and major supporters of the bike organization. But GHB is bigger than bikes.  GHB is heavily involved into the community . GHB 100 day is a day where the organization gave  the homeless sandwiches,water, and socks sponsored by Vans. For the past 8 years GHB has also hosted turkey giveaway drives for the less fortunate sponsored by Jim Jones, Fetty Wap and Saucey Extracts. Dirtbike James would soon be renamed and internationally known as “The General” of Go hard Boys.

Unfortunately James passed away March 3, 2020 due to a heart attack.

James is survived by his only daughter Jasmine Jones. Jasmine received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from Barry University , a major she pursued inspired by her father’s love for sports. Years later Jasmine would open up her own Sports and Entertainment firm where she worked closely with the NBA,NFL,WNBA , Showtime Sports, and much more! Carriyng her father’s legacy for his love for sports and especially the Dirtbike Culture, Jasmine was able to gather over 100 riders from NYC,Philadelphia,DC and other cities to ride through the streets of Harlem to show love and respect to the one and only  LEGEND DIRTBIKE JAMES.

SEE VIDEO BELOW : https://www.instagram.com/p/B9xyr1tFqKE/


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