Left Van Lowe Releases New Music Video, “Bad”

Left Van Lowe released his latest music video for his single, “Bad” and this dreamy video will have you in a creative trance.

This song creates really calm and cool vibes with creative word play.

“I took a Risk, Then I took A fall, over protective when I give her heart.” 

I love the concept of the song because many men don’t talk about being under a women’s spell. Normally the girl falls head over heels for the guy so the twist in the storyline is intriguing to listen to.

“Girl you so, Bad Enough For Me, and I can’t tell if it’s worth it but it’s good enough for me.”

The video even depicts Lefty Van Lowe as a puppet with the strings controlled by the lady of his choice.

Subsequently he wakes up on the bed alone with a little bit of dark brown in his cup.

Press play above and let me know what you think!



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