Lauv Discusses New Album “All For Nothing,” Mental Health and More During is 1824 Press Conference

Lauv Discusses New Album “All For Nothing,” Mental Health and More During is 1824 Press Conference

Lauv is a multi platinum singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His latest album, “All For Nothing” was released on August 5th as well as his music video, “Stranger.”

We had the opportunity to attend Lauv’s press conference and it was phenomenal. Lauv discussed the album “All for Nothing,” vulnerability, mental health and he even played his music for everyone to hear before the official release. 

Lauv has a unique sound and his music portrays an array of emotions that everyone is familiar with yet its so difficult to find in music. Lauv talks about his age and his journey thus far which is one of the reasons I believe this press conference was so powerful. 

Below are a few stand out questions and answers from the press conference featuring Lauv. 

Question: From what we heard so far your upcoming record, “All For Nothing” seems to venture in new and unparallel realms of vulnerability and honesty. What was the hardest part of opening up more than you ever have before and what about that was the most gratifying for you?

Lauv: I think just like, you know the process for this album I felt like, not like I was filtering myself before really but I felt Like I really really really didn’t filter myself on some of the songs. Just some of the stuff that I was going through and talking about it’s just very straight up, you know so it’s all there for people to see and in a way that’s not trying to be polish for a pop record you know what I mean. So I think that was both the hardest part because It’s kind of scary and also the most gratifying part you know once it’s all out, I feel like I don’t know, that it’s just – here you are you know what I mean there’s nothing left to hide.

Question: What is the story that you’re trying to tell with “All For Nothing” as far as lyrics go, What are some of the lyrical themes of the songs?

Lauv: The overall story is pretty much just like me being in my mid to late 20s kind of realizing that I had this big dream in my life that I chased, that I reached a certain level but I felt really empty on the inside. Basically me on a journey trying to find my inner light again and sort of like the ups and downs of trying to find that you know after feeling really out of touch with like my true self. There’s the positive sides of that and the less positive sides of that, that make up the album. 

Question: what are some ways you connected with your fans in terms of mental health awareness and you going through your mental health issues? 

Lauv: One of the things I really wanted to do because I would see in the past there’s been mental thoughts and stuff like that and at this Point I feel like everybody uses the internet to just obviously like Twitter and sh*t to just openly talk about everything I think there’s just so much conversation but one thing that I’ve started to do that I want to do more of is I want to find a way to do more guide meditations and stuff or even just come and like hang out. I don’t know if I should just go on live or go in Twitter spaces or do what but I love guiding meditations but I also feel really subconscious that people are going to be like why are you doing this? But like I actually feel like it could be really amazing and just like hang out I want to do more of that. Honestly a podcast would be really sick too I’ve honestly been trying to figure out what to do because I definitely feel like one of the things that happened for me over the pandemic is I like became increasingly afraid of social media a little bit and like I’m trying to find my way back into being more interactive because I think of myself as a very personal person like I love just connecting with people.

Check out Lauv’s “Stranger” music video below and the album “All For Nothing” is available now:

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