What are some of the Afrolatinidad challenges? Answered by Lala Anthony, Selenis Leyva & Melii

People En Espanol magazine held an intimate conversation centralized on Afrolatinidad experiences with three amazingly talented women, Lala Anthony, Selenis Leyva, and Melii . All three women spoke about personal experiences throughout their lives growing up as an Afrolatinidad.

This conversation was extremely informational and many people will undoubtedly find the stories to be relatable. From trying to alter nose shapes to peers talking badly about them in front of their faces speaking Spanish thinking they didn’t understand the language.

Lala Anthony is a television personality, actress and author. Selenis Leyva is an actress most recently on the hit show “Orange Is The New Black.” Melii is a recording artist who recently released her debut project titled, “PhAses.” 


Although, they are all successful they have all been through similar struggles that continuously help shape who they are as women.


Lala Anthony talks about pursuing her dreams and surviving Marcy projects in Brooklyn. Harlem artist, Melii talks about mental health and the importance behind her music which is very open about her emotions. Selenis Leyva is a very proud Bronx Latinidad and gave examples of how she taught her culture to others and believes everyone should unite.

Towards the end of the pane, audience members were allowed to ask questions to the women. Several women could relate to their experiences and wanted advice on how to shed more light on the topics and concerns of Afrolatinidads’.

Guests were presented with free bevarages and snacks such as wine and olives. The presentation was compelling from start to finish and there was so much to say no one wanted to leave. After the conversation, Melii took pictures with some of the fans.

If you are an Afrolatinidad women, can you relate to the experiences discussed in the panel?

You can follow these ladies on instagram, Lala Anthony: @lala, Selenis Leyva: @selenislayvaofficial Melii: @melii.


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