Kai Ca$h – The West feat. King Combs and 03 Greedo

Kai Ca$h released a new single featuring King Combs and 03 Greedo called, “The West.”

Kai Ca$h has a unique voice with lyrics that keep you locked in for the full song and make you want to hear more. King Combs has the swag of a Prince and 03 Greedo was sentenced to 20 years in prison but is determined in declaring his legacy.

First off this beat is West Coast to the fullest but Kai Ca$h shows super love to New York, rapping,

“NY summer time where the vibes is, Thursdays I show love out in Dyckman.”

His flow is always on point in the sense that his punchlines are countless.

He raps, “N*ggas couldn’t walk an inch in my suit, got my cash in rotation shit loop.”

03 Greedo’s voice reminds me of Gucci Mane but definitely can’t be mistaken for him because his voice is a bit more raspy.

King Combs has been working hard this year from new music to walking down the runway. He’s even released a few songs this year including “Love You Better” featuring Chris Brown. All of his music is epic. 

I absolutely love King Combs verse on “The West.” He raps with an immense amount of swag and his ad-libs really add to his verse.

“Take your girl when we want her, if I passed her to gang she’s a goner.”

All in all I love this song.

Apparently, there’s a music video for the song but it hasn’t officially been released yet. There’s clips of the music video on social media but we are still waiting on the official release of the video.

Stay tuned for more.

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