Kaash Paige – Teenage Fever Album Review

Kaash Paige is a successful 19 year old music artist signed to Def Jam. During her press conference, she spoke about her single, “Love Songs” going viral on Tik Tok through millions of users creating videos using her music as audio.

She released her debut full length studio album in August releasing 13 soul fulfilling records.

On her single, “Grammy Week” featuring Don Toliver she sings about her desire to be successful and its a pure genuine vibe that smoothly goes into her record Lost Ones.

“Lost Ones” is one of my favorite singles on Teenage Fever because there are a lot of people who would define themselves as lost and her lyrics she sings are as follows,

“I’m trying to find the lost ones, lost ones, oh, So maybe I can love one, touch one’s soul.”

In the press conference she spoke about how big of a Mac Miller fan she is.

“Fake Love” featuring 42 Dugg is one song that will likely replay in your mind over and over. The lyrics of Fake Love will stir several emotions and touch on various topics.

“Even my family don’t understand me, even my homies still don’t got a plan b.” 

“Leeching off my energy, we was friends but now were enemies.”

These are only a couple highlight lyrics from Fake Love, although many truly hit.

Not only does she create deep but modern music her name even has a conscious meaning. Kaash is an acronym for Kill All Arrogance Stop Hatred.

Her single, “Jaded” definitely has lyrics that many females can relate to as she sings about pain on the record which lead to jaded. Her music video released in June has over 375,000 views.

“Break Up Song” features K Camp and this song is really unique because it’s not what you would think.

“My Potential Break Up Song”

Kaash Paige reverses the concept and this song talks on the topic of toxicity and she won’t be on the losing side. Instead she’s providing a warning that she’ll be the one to get what she wants and fall back when she’s ready.

I love the vibe of “Pull Up” which is such a popular term now a days. “Mrs. Lonely” has many musical components that would relate to multiple genre lovers.

“Karma” is awesome because she breaks down the experiences of teenagers such as depression, relationships, love, hate, drugs and everything.

Kaash Paige creates soul music that is easy for listeners to relate to.


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