K Goddess releases her brand new EP, “The Arrival”

During this pandemic many artists has rose to the occasion to keep their fans and listeners alike intrigued with their music.

K Goddess released her EP, “The Arrival” this month featuring 5 tracks. “Project Baby” is the first track which touches on a few topics such as freeing people who are behind bars.

“Trust Nobody” is a whole vibe and the song is about a past relationship that started out great but ended badly. This is a topic many women can relate to. The best part of the song is K Goddess showcases both her singing and rapping skills on this track.

“Never trust nobody, I was told never trust nobody, Never love nobody, but I still got to love somebody.”


I like the spin on the final record on “The Arrival” titled, “Pimp.” In this record K Goddess compares herself to a Pimp as she raps about walking with a limp and getting paid on time.

Check out K Goddess new EP, “The Arrival” today and be sure to leave a comment.



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