Justin Love Premieres Exclusive Hits at Private Listening Party

The misty weather couldn’t stop folks from leaving their homes to gather in efforts to hear new music from one of today’s most talented singer-songwriters. Down in George’s Basement at The Delancey, fans, artists, and creatives alike mix and mingle amongst one another preparing to take in Justin Love’s new work. Captured by the notable faces in the crowd, Justin exchanges a few words in the audience before making his way to take center stage.

“There’s a lot you have to sacrifice and do on your own to make it happen…”

It is here that Justin takes a sincere moment to thank everyone in the house and asks for celebratory participation. Glasses are raised, the background music is lowered, and people begin to gravitate towards the stage to hear more of what Justin has to say. As he thanks members of his team, the artist is joined on stage by media personal Boom Boom Knuckles (@boomboomknunckles) where the two sat for a heart-felt Q&A session. Here’s a short recap of the conversation.

Boom Boom: What was something that you accomplished that you were proud of, that made you say, damn, I did that! I made that happen!

Justin Love: The grammy writing. “Focus” made a really big impact in my livelihood. Not only my career but definitely my living situation. You know as an artist, I’m not going to flex like I’m a rich motherfuc*er because I’m definitely not. I have a mother to take care of, a little brother to take care of. I have a life of my own, you feel me? It’s like damn. There’s a lot you have to sacrifice but do on your own in order to just make it happen. I’m definitely proud of how I
made it.

“You either feel it or you don’t.”

Boom Boom: What is your recording process like? How do you know you have one?

Justin Love: How do I know it’s finished? That’s a moment thing. I don’t know, you either feel it or you don’t. You really got to practice your intuition and know something is something. That’s all on you. As far as my creative process, sometimes I go in there and freestyle something and something happens. Or I, what I call free mumble. I just mumble some words and some melodies. I’m probably not saying sh*t throughout the whole song. Afterward, I’ll listen to what I like the most and just write as I listen. And I’ll have something. I just keep going until I’m done. But I make sure every time I go to the studio I’m finishing a song, the whole song. Every time I go to the studio, I have a song.
Justin and Boom Boom continue their exchange where Justin peels back layers of himself to share an honest moment with the room. Once the two are finished, the real show begins. Justin takes the mic and riffs his way into the hearts of his fans singing along to songs unfamiliar to the crowd. Excitement erupts amongst the crowd as Justin seals the deal with more exclusive listens from his upcoming project. We may not have a release date as well but be on high alert, he is coming! Feeling withdrawals? The recently released track “Sober” is enough to hold you over until then.

Listen to “Sober” below.


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