Julzz Grandeur – “100 Grand” Mixtape

Julzz Grandeur just released his most recent body of work titled, “100 Grand.” I simply can’t listen to “100 Grand” without dancing.

The only way to describe “100 Grand” is feel good music with great bass, hard flows and above all variation.

A couple of the songs on the project already have music videos on Youtube such as “Check On” and “Henny Hardway.”

“That’s your wife your thot that hoe you like a lot, whoring up she taking up all the shots.”  

Jay Critch mainly known for records such as “Fashion” and “Speak Up” is also featured on “Sushi” which is track six of Julzz Grandeur, “100 Grand” recent release. Jay Critch is also a feature on Famous Dex’s recent single, “Nervous.”

My favorite records on “100 Grand” are “Back Out,” “Stretch Gang,” “Slide,” and “Ten Toed.”

Check out this project and leave a comment!

Instagram: @julzznfg 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JulzzNFG/

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