Juke – Guns & Girls

“Guns and Girls” is a new song by Juke, a solo artist under GoldGang Records. A serene beat creates a peaceful vibe before any words are even dispersed from Juke and the three other artists on the track.

One distinguishing aspect of Juke’s music is his metaphors, “Behind expensive tinted windows like they microsoft.” Juke has a perfect balance of energy that blends seamlessly with his mellow tone of voice. Therefore, even when he speaks about guns or violence it’s easy to get a sense of understanding rather than rage.  The intensity of the lyrics on this smooth beat places this song in a category of it’s own, an important element in the music industry. No one wants to hear the same style or type of music all the time.

“All of my niggas got guns” is the mantra heard in the chorus of the song. Many families around the world have licensed and unlicensed weapons in their possession, which provides validity of the song to several listeners.

Loon, another artist on the track discusses different types of guns and their capabilities and also provides great energy on the track. Chilly Willy is a fast rapper with clear diction, while King B has an impactful flow. Although each of the rappers have different strengths, they all sound great together.

Be sure to press play above to check the song out for yourself and follow Juke on Twitter @Jukesterdam.

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