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Josh Clarke – “24 Hours” EP

Josh Clarke of Toronto, Ontario is a singer and songwriter who recently released a new EP titled, “24 Hours.” Josh Clarke’s music gives you that old school r&b and pop vibe that the world can really use to set a both romantic but fun vibe.

This first track “12am Interlude” gets you in a real r&b vibe. The next single, “Whats Luv” took me by surprise because it has a hint of reggae mixed with the pop and r&b flow of Josh Clarke’s music. This song creates a good vibe because it makes you want to slow dance while Josh asks “Whats luv gots to do with it?” The song is really about loyalty with a special someone.

Josh Clarke has one feature on the project by JYDN for a single titled, “Backseat.” “6pm Interlude”  is also mood setting to match the momentum of “Backseat.”

What I enjoyed the most about the “24 Hour” EP is the variation in songs and topics. Opposite of “Backseat” Josh Clarke has a song called, “One Night” which is actually about a girl not into a one night stand. The beat of “One Night” and “Everywhere We Go” will literally have you ready to dance on the dance floor.

My favorite record on the project is called, “Magic City” because of the edge. As you probably guessed from the title of the single, “Magic City,” this song refers to the strip club. The bounce on the track in combination with the bottles, dancing and money references is perfectly mood setting for a Saturday night trip to the club. Not to mention, this song is beyond catchy.

The various interludes, “12am Interlude,” “6pm Interlude,” and “6am Interlude” provide a way for listeners to have a full circle connection while listening to the “24 Hours” EP.

Make sure you listen to the full EP below and follow Josh Clarke on IG: @joshclarkemusic.

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