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J.I. The Prince of New York Performs Live Selling Out SOBs in NYC 3 Nights In A Row

J.I. The Prince of New York completely lived up to his name this past week selling out the legendary SOB’s venue 3 nights in a row. J.I. gained popularity when he was only 14 years old rapping on the Rap Game.

Now 18 and everyone knows his name. J.I. released Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 1 and Hood Life Krisis, Vol. 2 sharing vocals and lyrics that the crowd knew word for word. It is undeniable that J.I. makes hits but the one that really caught everyones attention is titled, “Need Me.”

Everyone seemed to know the lyrics to every song especially, “Bad Luck,” “Love Scars,” “Company,” and “Love Won’t Change.”

I personally attended J.I.’s final show at SOB’s and the event was beyond memorable. He jumped in the crowd and performed “Need Me” 3 times.

During his performance two girls attempted to fight each other but the second J.I. saw the two girls he stopped his shows and asked the two girls politely to get along. It was a wonderful show and to see the two girls, listen and respect J.I. was incredible.Â

Check out the video above and stay tuned because J.I. is only going to become a bigger household name, mark my words.Â

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