Honey Cocaine New Mixtape: “Like A Drug”

Ahhh yess female rappers are making their presence felt in the end of 2014! Honey Cocaine released her new mixtape “Like a Drug” on October 22nd. The Canadian rapper is the first artist to sign to the Last Kings record label (Tyga’s record label). Just like Tyga she spits on club records and has the musical ability to make her fans super hype. “If I had a d**k I still wouldn’t give her no pipe,” the Cambodian descent artist isn’t hesitating at all with spitting raw punch lines.

Her mixtape is creatively and intellectually put together because of the female topics discussed. The very first track talks about her dislikes with other women, which is undeniably a topic every woman can relate too. “Mean Girls” is a really popular movie released in 2004 and she cleverly used it as inspiration for her “Can’t Sit With Us” song. She even has the male basher song where she talks about avoiding love with a scrub called “Curveball”. However, this mixtape isn’t just catered to women, her realness and swag caters to all. Personally, my favorite tracks are Side B***h and None of my business, “This is why your n***a love me” and “She tell me she don’t f**k nobody else when I’m around that ain’t none of my business.”

You can’t hate on the truth; good music is good music. Some features on her mixtape include those of Tory Lanez, Kid Ink, and Kirko Bangz. What I love about Honey Cocaine is her progression. Every work of art she releases shows more of her ambition and talent. If you haven’t already check out her mixtape!!!





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