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Gangtivity released a new project called, “GGX.” The project begins with a skit, giving you that old school vibe titled “When the Hate Don’t Work.” This skit is funny because there’s a phone call with a person on the phone hating on gangtivity while his friends are supporting Gangtivity hence the title of the skit. 

The first official song on the project rightfully so is titled “Gangtivity.” Below are a few lyrics from the single, “Gangtivity.” 

“The haters is lurking, they see me in person, they curve it, they don’t want to bang it out.”

“Red rag in my pocket, black glock with the beam.”

“ICY” is one of my favorite songs on “GGX.” Instead of making the song entirely about jewelry, Gangtivity cleverly uses the term ICY interchangeably with I See Why. Therefore, the song references icy jewelry but they also rap about haters, envy and one verse even begins with the spelling of words representing a different type of flow. 

“Got me feeling like its 89, I was born in 93, Damn my pop’s a waste of time, I guess I’m before my time.”

“Regardless” is a hype song designed for the club and high energy listeners. I dare you to listen to this song without moving in your seat, this beat gives life. Gangtivity focuses the theme of the song on money similar to “Racks.” However, unlike “Regardless,” “Racks” is a mellow calm record that creates a relaxing vibe. 

“Stupid” has a great beat and excellent flow, “I go stupid, I go dumb, got a shooter and he young, he’ll shoot your a** for fun and then play 2K when he done.” 

On the project, “Personnal” is a stand out record. There’s more autotune on the record but its also catchy and brings up the topic of love and relationships. 

Money Change, People Change, I Never Change, Loyal To The Gang. – Gangtivity, Loyal 

The last record, “Blessed” addresses their motivation such as family, and their dislike for people acting out based on internet likes and clout. 

“A thousand likes but you’re broke, I don’t care about your clout, you ain’t never got no weed, I’m in this b**ch with an ounce.” 

Check out Gangtivity’s latest project, “GGX” today to hear the full “GGX” project!

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