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G Herbo Releases New Album, “PTSD”

G Herbo released his anticipated project, “PTSD.” 

PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder which is a disorder characterized by constant mental or emotional stress brought on by severe injury or a psychological shock situation.

Within the 14 songs on the project, “PTSD”  listeners will hear detailed lyrics in regards to different scenarios that can cause PTSD. 

“Seen dudes in a pool of his fluid leaking out of him he breathing but his body can not move like paralysis.” – G Herbo 

G Herbo is a natural hit maker speaking for the streets. On “PTSD” A Boogie, Lil Durk, Chance The Rapper, 21 Savage, Polo G, and more are featured on the project.

Listening to “PTSD” led me to believe G Herbo could be a resource for many, I’ll explain. In the urban culture, crying and signing up to see a therapist is not the norm but becoming increasingly popular. On “PTSD” G Herbo has a song called, “Gangstas Cry” and his lyrics say there’s nothing wrong with seeing gangstas cry. This is an impactful song because it’s literally unhealthy to hold toxic and traumatic situations within a person with no release. Even on the Breakfast Club Interview, G Herbo discusses his personal experience with his therapist. He didn’t go to see a therapist voluntarily in the beginning but for him to talk about the positive aspects of his therapist sessions leads me to believe G Herbo could be an innovator. If people went to a therapist and found successful coping mechanisms a lot could change for the good. 

“This sh*t what you make it, popped out everyday with my head high in the field even though I’m aching.” – G Herbo 

The album Cover for “PTSD” is a clear depiction of the pain and destruction some Americans witness. The cover shows the American flag with bullet holes and instead of stars G Herbo included faces in the flag of people that has passed on. 

I love the content on this album and love how G Herbo is serving a purpose that can benefit all. 

Check out “PTSD” and let me know what you think. 

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