French Montana- “Lose It” Feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

French Montana seems to have another hit on his hands. He released a new music video for his new record, “Lose It” yesterday. Not only is his verse fire but he clearly has some acting skills as well. In the video he looks like a patient in a psychiatric hospital confined to a room wearing a straitjacket. His body language and facial expressions made his role in the video extremely believable.

Both Rick Ross and Lil Wayne brought their unique swag to the set. Rick Ross also provided some of that crazy energy and behavior needed to showcase his “lose it” demeanor. Rick Ross is seen walking down the halls of the facility rapping and wildly shaking his head, while we see several video vixens walking down adjacent hallways.

My favorite verse is Lil Wayne’s, “My trigger finger ain’t never been hesitant, I am your ruler no measurements.” I don’t think I really need to describe lil Wayne’s natural ability to act animated and adapt to the theme of the song because he always kills it. The lighting of the production is perfectly dark for the theme and setting of the video, but the flashing lights also makes the scenario seem very realistic and out of this world.

I am grateful for the creativity produced in this video by The Mekanics and Kanye West. Check it out above!

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